Pinkish Ruminations

I’m starting this blog as a separate place to explore all the annoying thoughts that pop into my head at inconvenient times. More like a typical diary space. This was one of the original intentions of my main blog, Pinkish Reflections, but as I have been posting there, I have increasingly felt it should be reserved for (slightly more) public and polished, outward-facing posts. The kind of place I don’t want to spam with random thoughts 16 times in one day, and then ignore for three weeks. Instead, this will be that space.

In idly thinking about this new blog, I kept returning to the image of a cow chewing its cud as a visual metaphor for its content (me being the cow, and the cud being my thoughts, obviously); wanting to come up with a slightly more appealing title for the blog than “Pinkish Cud,” I googled the process, and learned the interesting (to me, at least) fact that cud-chewing animals are referred to as “ruminants,” and the chewing process as “rumination.” So there’s the origin of that word for you! I also found that “rumination,” psychologically speaking, has been shown through scientific study to be a potentially negative behavior, associated with depression. Well…that should probably not surprise me, but it does. Anyway, negative or not, I ruminate a lot, and maybe by doing so in writing the negative effects can be mitigated. But consider this fair warning if this blog becomes a bit of a downer.


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