The daily to-do: Monday June 6

The good thing about today, right now, is that it is 10:25 in the morning and I have already walked Cosmo. Despite the fact that we walked from 7-8 AM, he was still super hot when we got back; also, the change in routine put him off his breakfast. Even so, I am going to try to make the pre-breakfast walk a Thing, for the summer at least.

One thing I’d like to do: figure out how to make this “read more” tag say something other than “continue reading.” It appears as though wordpress html is special. 

  • walk Cosmo
  • sort through electrician reviews; choose the one we’ll go with and schedule it (update: ES seems very good, professional, friendly, etc. I have no reservations but the cost. Our job is almost definitely going to be more expensive and take longer than the average job reviewed on Yelp. I should probably check out Angie’s List for reviews of comparable jobs -_- Meanwhile, DE has far fewer Yelp reviews, but they are, again, all 5-star. Additionally, Paul personally responded to most of them. His business is obviously smaller (less overhead, perhaps) and he works alone. His hourly rate is much, much cheaper, but the question remains: will we end up paying more in the long run if we go the cheaper option? The Yelp reviews for DE were also for small jobs. Another thing: Paul is booked out further than ES, but I think our electrical issues are not so urgent that we cannot just wait. I am inclined towards DE because of the cost, but I guess I should check out Angie’s List a bit before booking.) (update update: had a look through Angie’s List, and again both are highly rated. ES has more reviews, but also more negative reviews. The main objections seem to be with pricing (nickel-and-diming) and integrity/ communication/ honesty (more of the nickel-and-diming feel). Dennis’ responses appear a bit too defensive; I believe the reviewers might be on to something a bit. Also, the quality of the work, the time devoted to each job, and the clean-up sometimes seem iffy. I am definitely inclined towards DE. With fewer overall reviews, they have wayy fewer negative reviews (41 As, 2Bs, and that’s it).  I get the feeling that Paul is more transparent. Also, since he is the owner and only electrician, there isn’t as much possibility of miscommunication and bureaucracy. Gonna run these thoughts by D, and then call Paul to book.)
  • look at job postings; maybe send a resume to a couple
  • clean upstairs shower
  • collect trashes throughout the house; put trash into can and on the curb
  • work on/ plan/ research/ think about game mod project
  • think about/ start work on another “start-up” project to help me get a job
  • blog and/ or post at goodreads
  • feed Cadenza
  • run

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