The daily to-do: Wednesday June 8

Trying something a little different to day, to help ensure Cosmo eats: I’m going to do the morning walk, but I fed him first. Yesterday he choked it down between bouts of panting after the walk, and I felt so bad! Anyway, today isn’t going to be as hot, so the delay shouldn’t cause it to get too hot outside meantime.

We’re all ready to go now, but first I wanted to jot down some items on my list:

  • walk Cosmo
  • do my weigh-in >.> (119. ugh. I’m not surprised, though. I think the vacation finally caught up with me. And I really wasn’t that good this week)
  • reply to the email I received last night !!!!!
  • do more investigation into equipment rental
  • do some job interview prep ^.^
  • register for a run or two or more (do this after discussion with D), or at least decide which ones I plan to do and write them on my calendar
  • think about and plan a camping trip for the summer (Thinking August 25 or 26 through Aug 28 or 29. Millersylvania State Park is close-ish with hiking trails, but I’m not sure about availability; Beaver campground is available but quite far; Scenic Beach state park is closer and still available, but I don’t know if there is much hiking. There are, of course, more options out there if I look harder.)
  • pull weeds outside; maybe use the push-mower
  • look more carefully at Seafair events; decide if any are worth going to
  • dust and (re)vacuum the living room; move furniture to approximate locations so it will be mostly done and ready for Dan’s assistance tonight
  • blog and/ or post on GoodReads
  • look at job postings; maybe send a resume to a couple
  • go over my Job Musings list and perhaps make a foray or two
  • play clarinet/ sing
  • feed Cadenza
  • run
  • follow up about August; decide if I am going; go August 4 and come back August 12; potentially reschedule electrician for week of August 15th
  • purchase wedding gift



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