The daily to-do: Thursday June 9

So here it is, Wednesday night, and I’m already starting my to-do list for tomorrow. D and I are discussing some things and I’m already jotting down things I will have to do tomorrow, so I figured I might as well just make it official.

  • walk Cosmo
  • reschedule electrician for the week of August 15, if possible (called and left a message…)
  • fill out TSA pre-check thingy
  • buy Father’s Day cards
  • go to the grocery store (beans, lettuce, lime juice, salsas, ice creams, ice cream cones)
  • register for some races (also register Dan for a few) (registered us both for Edgewood 5k on July 16 and Enumclaw 5k  on July 30; registered me for Tacoma 5k on August 20. Still to register: 10 at Dash Point on Sept. 3 and half-marathon at Tehaleh on Sept. 24. Still to decide: Bear Run 5k in Maple Valley this Sunday, the 12th?)
  • buy wedding gift
  • book Cosmo at CPL for duration of trip
  • do more weeding, dammit!
  • vacuum the damn living room! xD
  • possibly send in some resumes
  • look into volunteer editing opportunities
  • prep for job interview
  • blog
  • feed Cadenza
  • run (bwah nvm, not today; maybe I’ll do some cardio video with weights or something)

Update: phone interview scheduled for Wednesday, June 15 at 11am!! 😮



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