The daily to-do: Friday June 10

Damn, it has been a long week. Is it because it’s the first full week since we got back from vacation?  More likely it’s because I’ve been rigidly on-task all week. I’m rebelling a bit today: NO COSMO WALK, until after breakfast, at least. I have been liking the early morning walk (getting it over with; doing the long walk before it’s too hot for Cosmo’s little dog body, which is poorly designed to handle heat; gaining a sense of accomplishment early in the day, which acts as inspiration for further accomplishment), but this morning I woke up and was instantly struck with an impertinent case of the “DON’T WANNA”s. I don’t wanna get up! I don’t wanna walk the dog! I don’t wanna run! I don’t wanna vacuum! I don’t wanna do annnything, I just wanna sit here and be at peace.

That being said, it IS Friday. I can do this.

  • walk Cosmo
  • weed some more
  • vacuum the living room and move furniture
  • go to the grocery store, for groceries and fathers day cards
  • get gas in the Subaru (and fill gas cans for mowing)
  • feed Cadenza
  • run
  • prep for job interview (involves looking more carefully over job info; combing resume for talking points in general and related to leadership principles; looking at leadership principles and coming up with scenarios in which I have exemplified them; any maybe actually learning some tech or doing some other things to bolster my actual experience)
  • comb through volunteer editor positions more specifically; apply to some
  • unexpectedly, I started combing through self-publishing websites, trying to understand how I might fit in as an editor, and I have become overwhelmed with information. The Kindle Direct Publishing forums are very active and people need editors all the time; if I were to freelance, this would be a good place to get gigs. Same with the Kindle Write On community. Create Space is more of a resource to use if I wanted to publish myself. Fiverr is a place to offer my freelance services (for super cheap tho). Guru is another freelance connection site.  Scribophile seems to be an online writing group, so it might be good for prompting blog posts and other things. Blurb is a thing…I don’t know exactly what it is. It appears to be a self-publishing service, but I think there was something there for editors too. Maybe check it out.  Here is a blog on the “path” to becoming an editor. Nothing really new or unexpected, but it was amusing.
  • blog and/ or post on GoodReads
  • look at job postings; maybe send a resume to a couple
  • possibly play some lotro

And thinking ahead to the weekend, there are some things we need/ want to get done:

  • solidify schedule and plans (wood chipper versus hiring a tree service, and when?; August trip including whom to see, where to stay, and schedule of events related to the family and the unveiling; figure out plans for when Ray is here next weekend; decide on which Seafair sanctioned community events we want to go to; talk about the company picnic; and figure out camping plans)
  • buy wedding gift for I & W
  • do yard work (including mowing, weed whacking, pulling weeds, cut more branches?, and spray blackberry and buttercup)
  • have D help me with interview prep (as relates to leadership principles)
  • work together on our mod project (maybe D introduce me to Skyrim)
  • laundry (goods, stinkies, sheets, D’s goods)

Aaaaand looking even further into the future, I want to create some writing samples and publish them on my blog. I want to comment on some recent news items, perhaps bringing them together in unique ways. (The articles should be only 1-2 pages long, and my goals are: (1) bring events to greater public awareness, and (2) draw interesting connections and conclusions between somewhat disparate events. Topics I am interested at the moment: the Stanford sexual assault and victim’s statement; Bernie Sanders; this study, that I only recently learned about, that proves that public opinion has zero effect on policy, as opposed to corporate interest…)



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