The daily to-do: Weekend Edition (Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12)

Wasn’t totally sure that I’d make a to-do for today, Saturday, but there were so many things left undone yesterday that I feel compelled to carry them over into the weekend.

Just wanted to include a note here, because not commenting has been annoying me: I know there should be a comma between the day of the week and the date (Saturday, June 11). I know, and I don’t care. For the sake of the titles of these blog posts, I want less punctuation. It’s kinda killing me a little bit every time, but I have my reasons, dammit!

  • walk Cosmo 1
  • walk Cosmo 2
  • weed some more
  • run the dishwasher
  • vacuum downstairs and move the living room furniture
  • go to the grocery store, for groceries and fathers day cards
  • get gas in the Subaru (and fill gas cans for mowing)
  • feed Cadenza
  • do cardio workout thing with weights (Shelly Dose on Youtube?)
  • and/ or run
  • prep for job interview (involves looking more carefully over job info; combing resume for talking points in general and related to leadership principles; looking at leadership principles and coming up with scenarios in which I have exemplified them; any maybe actually learning some tech or doing some other things to bolster my actual experience)
  • comb through volunteer editor positions more specifically (take the ones I have separated out and create a dynamic list/ database to help me figure out which to apply to); apply to some
  • blog and/ or post on GoodReads
  • look at job postings; maybe send a resume to a couple
  • possibly play some lotro
  • solidify schedule and plans for the summer (wood chipper versus hiring a tree service, and when?; August trip including whom to see, where to stay, and schedule of events related to the family and the unveiling; figure out plans for when Ray is here next weekend; decide on which Seafair sanctioned community events we want to go to; talk about the company picnic; and figure out camping plans)
  • buy wedding gift for I & W
  • have Bear help me with interview prep (as relates to leadership principles)
  • work together on our mod project (maybe Bear introduce me to Skyrim)
  • laundry (goods, stinkies, sheets, Bear’s goods)
  • RELAX did this minimally >.>

As for writing samples, Bear had a good idea this morning as we were sifting through some of those volunteer positions: many of them appear to be simple “write this one thing for us”-type roles, and I should do them, and then I will have even more writing samples to give. In addition to my own articles that I will publish, as discussed yesterday.


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