The Daily to-do: Monday June 13

So, the focus of the day has to be on job interview prep.

Yesterday, and actually over the whole weekend but yesterday even more so because of the shooting that happened in Florida, I was overwhelmed with ideas that I want to blog about. I realized, then, that this is typical behavior for me, and is why I haven’t been interested in positions as a volunteer writer/ blogger, as I have been digging through the postings on volunteermatch: I get super overwhelmed when I’m writing something where I draw my ideas from the world around me. I get hyper-sensitive to all input. Everything I hear of goes through this weird filter where it stimulates me and causes me to make all sorts of wild connections, and it’s exhausting, and the upshot is that I find it hard to just focus on one task, and instead I stay in this hypervigilant research mode that never turns off until I ultimately burn out.  This is what happened while I was teaching, and why I felt like I was constantly working (and I was, since I needed to take these ideas and make them into something that worked with my course); as I was explaining this phenomenon to Bear, he got all serious-looking and took my hand, and he was like “It’s like with your thesis.”  Yeah, I was thinking that too. It’s exactly like with my thesis (though I don’t think it warrants the solemnity). So, this is good to know about myself. I need to work on managing it better. As we’re ending the discussion, Bear’s like, “Just don’t bring it up in your interview.”  >.< As if!

On to the list: 

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run and/ or do cardio workout thing with weights (Shelly Dose on Youtube?)
  • pick up trashes throughout house; take trash out; take recycling out
  • prep for job interview (involves looking more carefully over job info; combing resume for talking points in general and related to leadership principles; looking at leadership principles and coming up with scenarios in which I have exemplified them; any maybe actually learning some tech or doing some other things to bolster my actual experience)
  • take the volunteer editor positions I have separated out and create a dynamic list/ database to help me figure out which to apply to); apply to some
  • blog (especially, make a news blog and start a draft with all the ideas I want to write about)
  • possibly play some lotro

When Bear gets home, do some of the following!:

  • wood chipper versus hiring a tree service, and when?
  • August trip including whom to see, where to stay, and schedule of events related to the family and the unveiling
  • figure out plans for when Ray is here next weekend
  • decide on which Seafair sanctioned community events we want to go to
  • talk about the company picnic
  • and figure out camping plans
  • go to the store and get Father’s Day cards

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