The daily to-do: Wednesday June 15

Today was my job interview phone screen. I don’t really feel all that positively about it. I mean, it definitely got better as it went along, but I’m not sure I made enough of the right impression. And all the prep I did, basically almost none of it came into play. And I think the unexpected stuff actually came off better, but I’m afraid that stuff wasn’t as important. Oy. My nerves are still recovering.

Anyway, forward march, and all that.

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run and/ or do cardio workout thing with weights (Shelly Dose on Youtube?)
  • prep for job interview
  • do job interview at 11am
  • take the volunteer editor positions I have separated out and create a dynamic list/ database to help me figure out which to apply to); apply to some
  • blog (especially, make a news blog and start a draft with all the ideas I want to write about; possibly make a Daily Kos account and start up a blogging presence there)


When Bear gets home, do some of the following!:

  • wood chipper versus hiring a tree service, and when?
  • August trip including whom to see, where to stay, and schedule of events related to the family and the unveiling
  • figure out plans for when Ray is here this coming weekend
  • decide on which Seafair sanctioned community events we want to go to
  • talk about the company picnic
  • and figure out camping plans
  • go to the store and get Father’s Day cards


And finally, looking ahead: going to need to CLEAN THE HOUSE for when Ray is here (clean TOMORROW, ’cause he gets here FRIDAY) including launder sheets in the guest room, clean the bathrooms, pick up all the crap, tidy the office, dust and vacuum again, clean the kitchen, and do more YARD WORK.


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