The daily to-do: Thursday June 16

Today is cleaning day. Not fun, but I do enjoy the sorta single-minded purpose of cleaning days. Don’t worry about having to think or organize thoughts; just shut up and scrub! Of course, it’s not ALL I have to do today…I have to do my regular chores, too. I wish I could just overlook them this one day….

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run and/ or do cardio workout thing with weights
  • go to the store and get Father’s Day cards
  • dust master bedroom
  • dust guest room
  • vacuum master bedroom
  • vacuum guest room
  • possibly move around bookshelves and rearrange books on shelves in guest room
  • launder sheets: guest room and master
  • pick up, put away, throw away all the crap that’s lying around downstairs including stuff that’s clogging the kitchen counter
  • do dishes
  • clean kitchen counters
  • clean stove
  • clean trash can
  • clean appliances
  • sweep kitchen floor, maybe vacuum
  • scrub kitchen floor
  • dust living room, dining room, formal room
  • sweep/ vacuum hard floors
  • vacuum downstairs carpet
  • vacuum stairs
  • sweep/ vacuum laundry room
  • launder towels and rugs and placemats
  • fold towels
  • put away clean clothes
  • launder remaining random clothes
  • clean guest bathroom (floor, shower, sink, shelf, toilet, dust)
  • clear out crap in office
  • dust and sweep and vacuum office
  • clean upstairs bathroom
  • do more weeding
  • cut branches and put them in yard waste; tidy the yard
  • mayyyybe mow the lawn quickly
  • mail father’s day card

When Bear gets home:

  • figure out plans for when Ray is here (TOMORROW)

And looking ahead, when it’s all over (Monday, maybe), get back to the regular grind:

  • take the volunteer editor positions I have separated out and create a dynamic list/ database to help me figure out which to apply to); apply to some
  • blog (especially, make a news blog and start a draft with all the ideas I want to write about; possibly make a Daily Kos account and start up a blogging presence there)
  • wood chipper versus hiring a tree service, and when?
  • August trip including whom to see, where to stay, and schedule of events related to the family and the unveiling
  • decide on which Seafair sanctioned community events we want to go to
  • talk about the company picnic
  • and figure out camping plans




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