The daily to-do: Monday June 20

What a weekend it was. Ray got here Friday morning, and we picked him up from the airport, but first there was Thursday, and Thursday night, and Friday morning. I must admit I did a pretty terrible job accomplishing my cleaning tasks on Thursday; by the time I picked up Bear, I still had the majority of the stuff left to do. We had a quick dinner and then divided up the tasks and got down to business. I was determined that we wouldn’t be up late cleaning, so we stopped cleaning around 11:30 and went to bed, then got up and finished Friday morning. We finished almost everything I had set for us, and we were only a little late getting Ray. xD We then came back home, chatted a bit, and discussed plans for the day and the rest of the weekend. Here’s what we decided: we went to Tacoma for lunch and a bit of exploring, then went to the casino for a little taste of gambling (Ray won $50 on blackjack, so hey), then we went to the racetrack for live racing! It was my first time ever, and it was super fun and I won over $100 on one race! We also got a really good look at a low-flying bald eagle that was being chased by some smaller birds. We ate dinner at the track in a restaurant overlooking the races, then came home pretty late. Got up and breakfasted on Saturday, leaving the house around 10am, and headed for Olympic National Park. On the way we stopped in Poulsbo to experience the cute little Norwegian town. We walked around the shops, had coffee and some really delicious bread and DONUTS, then continued to the park where we hiked IN THE SNOW. It was really beautiful at the park – what we could see of it, that is. Much of the time it was covered in clouds, fog, or whatever. All of the amazing vistas we hiked to were completely obscured, but we got a few photos. I got pre-frostbite on my extremities during both of the high-elevation hikes we did, and I was super cold, especially on my face, but I was jogging most of the time, so that kept me warmer than I would have been. I had never hiked in the snow before, nor had I ever experienced snow in JUNE before. We also hiked a bit at a lower elevation, where it was MUCH warmer (but still in the 40s). We saw several black-tailed deer, which is not too exciting except that I saw a doe with TWO very-young fawns. TWINS. I know that is super-rare, and I am still blown away. (Update: I was wrong. It’s actually very common). She was crossing the road ahead of us, and being a good mom to both fawns. They ascended a steep hill on the other side of the road, and one of the babies was struggling to get up, and she went back for him. What a tough job for her. I know the likelihood of their survival is minimal, but I will hope for the best. Honestly, it’s amazing they were all alive at this point! We also saw some bald eagles. After the hiking, we had dinner at a nice place in Port Angeles, then drove home, getting in around 11:30. We got up around 8 on Sunday, had breakfast here, then went to our favorite local state park. This time, we took Cosmo! I had been feeling really bad about leaving him alone all day, so it was great, and Cosmo loves to go hiking with us. We did some good trails, then hung out at the beach for awhile, before driving to Seattle where we dropped Ray off at his hotel. Then we came home and had an amazing day of laze. It was a great weekend, only I wish we had had another day to recuperate. Anyway, time to move on:

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out with weights
  • take the volunteer editor positions I have separated out and create a dynamic list/ database to help me figure out which to apply to); apply to some
  • blog (especially, make a news blog and start a draft with all the ideas I want to write about; possibly make a Daily Kos account and start up a blogging presence there)
  • collect individual trashes throughout the house; take trash to the curb
  • yard work: mow? weed? branches? put yard waste out at the curb
  • some vacuuming
  • send resume to Lint Center (tried. and tried again. wtf these people don’t have their shit together AT ALL. I will look at the website and see if there’s another email address, one that doesn’t bounce, or if there’s another way to contact the volunteer coordinator. If not, fuck it. I don’t want to volunteer there that badly.)
  • activate my new credit card; set up new online account

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