For the future: dressage lessons

Did a little bit of poking around today, thinking into the far future when I have a job and some money to devote to riding again. Before I get another horse, I will want to be in a training program and enlist the help of the trainer in finding the right horse. After some Internet research, I have decided that there are some seriously low-quality “trainers” around here, but some high-quality ones, too. I will have to be willing to travel a little to match up with the right person and facility. The person who seems best, at the moment at least, is Lily Wilson (currently training out of The Black Forte in Enumclaw). She’s an active competitor and coach, who has had local and international training. I think she is not “too good,” but also not a random crappy person that I could barely learn from. I think she could teach me a lot, and help me show, and ultimately (if I wanted to go this route) link me up with clinics with even more prestigious trainers (such as her former trainer Gwen Blake at Donida Farms, which is a pretty cool place, but too posh and expensive for me right now).


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