Volunteer Editor positions: the list

I will start out by just listing the top opportunities. I might relist them in several ways below, but for now this is in no particular order:

  • New Story: “Donor and Business Operations Intern” (I think), which involves writing stories about the families. This charity builds homes and improves communities in Haiti and El Salvador. It seems very legit. It gives professional references. Drawbacks: might need writing sample and “video cover letter”; application deadline may have passed. Details:
    Applications due May 14th, 2016
    Volunteer term runs June 1st – August 26th, 2016 [we can be flexible on dates]
    Happy hours to connect with the New Story team and professional development
    Opportunity to be on the front lines of a fast-growing nonprofit startup
    Meet some of our current volunteers here
  • Community Empowerment Network: Creative Writer/ Storyteller. This charity seems super-cool; the work to empower communities by growing talent, etc,. that is specific to the locale (“CEN eliminates poverty and breaks the cycle of dependency in the Brazilian Amazon by empowering individuals and their communities. Our goal is to help communities achieve their own objectives and to sustain these gains over time”). It seems to be about helping communities learn to help themselves. They also seem very legit. The role is for a storyteller, much like above, though they’re also looking for web editors and content writers for their blog, it seems. This one might be a little less stringent in their time requirements.
  • New Heights Educational Group: Proofreader/ Editor.This is a literacy improvement group in Ohio; I don’t know if they are limited to local services or not. The role seems pretty legit, and requires a resume and three references. More info: Reporting to the Virtual Development Director, the Proofreader/Editor volunteer will assist with proofreading various documentation.Some of the tasks will include proofreading: Press releases; Newsletters; Marketing materials; Websites; NHEG documents; Student/teacher reports; Books published for NHEG; Other various documentation.
    Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in English or related, and 1-2 years of related work experience.  Interpersonal skills.  Organizational skills.  Leadership skills.  Communication skillsIMPORTANT: Resume and three (3) References with email addresses are required for consideration.

    To be considered, please send all of the above mentioned documents to Dr. Marina K at drmarinak@newheightseducation.org. Please use the Subject Line: NHEG Proofreader/Editor (your name)

  • Empower2Play: Editor. This is a really interesting organization that helps children develop their potential through sports. They exist in the Philippines, and are expanding to Haiti. There isn’t a lot of formal info about the role, but they seem legit and the VolunteerMatch site has contact info. (Update: emailed June 27)
  • What’s Your Impact: Blog Editor and mayyybe Eco Blogger.The blogger role is about creating topics and blogging about them; the editor role is managing bloggers, managing a calendar, editing articles, etc. The Editor role sounds cool, but the position seems to have disappeared from VolunteerMatch.
  • Planet Rehab: Newsletter editor, or something. There’s not a lot of info about the role, but it’s about helping them create and maintain a newsletter. The org seems legit.
  • Haiti Now: “create a blog post summarizing a paper.” They might have other opportunities, too, but this role at least gives an opportunity to create a published writing sample. This organization is about promoting education in Haiti; especially empowering girls. I really like the idea and the org. From the VolunteerMatch description: “Pick one paper from this list http://www.haiti-now.org/media/reading-materials/papers-research-statistics-about-haiti/
    and create a blog of 2000 words with 1 or 2 relevant photos.
    The content will be extrapolated from the paper, to summarize the main points of the chapter.”
  • Better World International: Content Marketing Specialist for an online magazine. This organization is a little strange. Their mission and operations are kind of woo-woo and all over the place. However, this might just be that they are an umbrella org that governs several smaller, more concrete projects. They propose to help volunteers gain skills, and seem really set up to give references and stuff. It’s definitely worth checking out, at least.
  • Core Paws: Newsletter Coordinator. This organization works to place hard-to-adopt dogs, such as senior dogs and those with medical conditions. The role seems quite involved, and could provide good experience. If they already have filled the role, it might be that I could still assist.
  • Africa Agenda: Editorial Assistant. This organization works to promote the interests of small African countries by improving news coverage of Africa and African interests. The role seems actually quite demanding of time (1-2 days a week and a weekly meeting?), but maybe that’s flexible. The position seems good, including “writing headlines, developing storyboards, fact checking, liaising with writers, helping put stories in context, and providing substantive feedback to Africa Agenda contributors.”
  • Students for High Impact Charities: general. This charity seems super cool, because it’s about letting schools form clubs that go through six “levels” of a program designed to help them become better charity-givers, and also teaches them critical skills (STEM skills, specifically, they claim). The volunteer position is quite general, but seems to allow one to gain a variety of useful experience, including project management, marketing, copyediting, and web dev. To apply: “Send us a creative resume and cover letter (and any questions, thoughts, comments) to studentsforhighimpactcharity@gmail.com.”
  • Coastal Pet Rescue: copywriter. This is just a pet rescue looking for someone to improve their listings to help animals get adopted. Could be good for a writing sample.
  • Borgen Project: Editor. This is a super-legit organization based in Seattle. This group works to end poverty. Would provide excellent references and connections. Probably pretty serious, so maybe don’t apply until I’m sure I don’t have a potential real job lined up.
  • The Daily Source. I applied to this one already, if I remember correctly. It’s an online news source.


  • Golden Gate Opera: Editor. Opera company in San Francisco, role involves “Write descriptions of programs, letters. Learn online grant writing. Instructions provided.Assist with carefully written grants. Are you good choosing the words that express best? Edit Teachers Study Guide, opera program. We will send you the material, you edit and send back! Copy for website.”
  • Mangrove Action Project: general volunteer? no: Storytelling and Writing volunteer. It’s part of the shrimp thing. This one’s local, and requires travel to Seattle. Definitely legit, though, and could be good experience.
  • Global Citizen Journey: Newsletter and blogging. This is a general charity that is launching a campaign in India to improve conditions for people. The role is described as follows: “Help us evolve our recently-launched website and keep it lively by generating blog posts and occasional newsletters using Vertical Response. Content will include updates from our various partners – plus resources you may find that are relevant and of service. You will be joining a great team of enthusiastic volunteers.”
  • Black Past: content/ wiki writer. This org maintains a wiki of articles related to Africans and African Americans.  Possibly I could also request to volunteer as an editor. “We seek qualified writers to contribute content including entries and occasionally Perspectives articles. If you are interested in becoming a contributor and writing entries on people, places, and events of mutual interest to you and BlackPast.org, or if you would like to help by writing on terms from the existing backlog of potential entries, we would be glad to work with you. All BlackPast.org articles are vetted for historical accuracy and copyedited before they appear. BlackPast.org reserves the right to refuse any submitted entry that does not meet its standards for accuracy and objectivity. BlackPast.org does not accept unsolicited entries or articles.”
  • Sustainable Today: Editor for the blog Greener Good (and member of a 3-year committee?) This org has a lot of branches and a lot of opportunities, but this one as blog editor seems the likeliest fit.
  • …and of course, the Lint Center, which was unable to open my pdf file. And after they asked me to email my resume as a Word doc to a particular email address, the email I sent (well, both of them) bounced back.  Not sure how badly I want to continue to pursue that opportunity.
  • No School Violence: Editor (and maybe writer).

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