Weekly to-do: June 27 – July 3 (4th, actually)

My god I can’t believe it’s already the end of June. June seemed to go so fast (no summer, don’t go!) and yet so slow. Things that happened at the beginning of the month seem ages away by now. And now the end will be eventful. Let’s see what’s on the schedule:

  • clean toilets
  • dust, sweep, and vacuum lightly at least once
  • clean kitchen counters at least once
  • maybe make lentil soup
  • mow once
  • pull more weeds
  • chop up more branches
  • text Hazel to set up chat; get address
  • mail Hazel’s thing
  • figure out about wood chipper
  • continue to figure out NY itinerary
  • send sister photos to Heather
  • make a photo album for when Ray was here
  • change auto-payment plans to my new credit card
  • go to the feed store  (beet pulp, grain, dewormer, fly spray, and pellets for the stove)
  • Mom’s birthday
  • farrier Thursday
  • I&W wedding Saturday (July 2)
  • do something creative, probably musical
  • laundry (towels, sheets, my goods, Bear goods, stinkies)
  • think about planning a yard sale
  • clean kitchen sink at least once 
  • lightly clean upstairs shower
  • clean upstairs bathroom sinks, mirrors, floor

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