The daily to-do: Friday July 1

Fridayyyyyy! JULY. Yikes.

This has been a good week. The weather has also been, finally, quite nice. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Though my revelations and discussions over the weekend must also have helped, giving me a new attitude and sense of purpose. Also, my joining the NGO team has also been very good for me. Here is hoping that I am able to keep my balance….

Meanwhile, tomorrow is that wedding and I seriously need to devote some time today to making sure I have something to wear. Aaaaand since it’s Independence Day weekend, and my neighborhood is about to become reminiscent of a battlefield in 1812, I need to remember to call my vet and see if they can give me some dope for my dog.

The list: 

  • do some editing work for NGO
  • call vet about drugs for Cosmo (yay, that was easy! now I just have to go pick it up when they call after 3)
  • look at my wardrobe, try on dresses, maybe go shopping -_-
  • possibly launder my goods
  • possibly blog
  • continue to think about, read about, explore secular/ humanist organizations, look for volunteer positions (and be open to blog topics and other opportunities)
  • maybe continue to think about my professional online personae, create social media accounts
  • figure out that POP/ forwarding log-in issue!! >.<
  • maybe start my entertainment/ music review blog
  • maybe text Hazel to check on her
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • go to the grocery store

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