The daily to-do: weekend edition July 2, 3, 4

Long weekend time! But yesterday was really a wash, because we were preparing for the wedding, traveling to the wedding, and attending the wedding most of the day. It was a pretty good time; we got to hang out with Bear’s co-workers and their significant others. When we got home last night (after 9pm), we did another walk, had dinner, and started watching The Avengers. We finished it this morning with breakfast, and I have to say, it was by far the best of the Marvel Universe movies we’ve seen yet. I really enjoyed it. Now today, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday (4th of July) are more like Saturday and Sunday. There are lots of things I’d kinda like to accomplish, but I also want to do a good amount of relaxing. Rather than getting too attached to accomplishing things on my list, I’m going to write them here, but I’m going to try to make relaxing and having fun the real priorities.

  • walk Cosmo (once, twice, thrice)
  • feed Cadenza (once, twice, thrice)
  • run/ work out (at least once…)
  • text Hazel — maybe chat with her
  • yard work….I really want to pull weeds, and I really should mow, and I really need to cut up some blackberry, and maybe if there’s room chop up more branches
  • dust, sweep, and vacuum lightly
  • clean kitchen counters
  • maybe make facebook photo album
  • maybe make some official/ professional social media accounts
  • maybe clean shower upstairs
  • laundry (my goods)
  • maybe do more work

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