The weekly to-do: July 5 – July 10 (better late than never)

Yep, better late than never, and since I include the weekend in here, then posting on Thursday doesn’t seem quite so bad. Right to the list, then: 

  • dust, sweep, and vacuum lightly at least once
  • scrub kitchen floor
  • clean kitchen counters at least once
  • maybe make lentil soup
  • mow once
  • pull more weeds
  • chop up more branches
  • continue to figure out NY itinerary
  • send sister photos to Heather
  • make a photo album for when Ray was here
  • change auto-payment plans to my new credit card
  • go to the feed store  (beet pulp, grain, dewormer, fly spray, and pellets for the stove)
  • think about planning a yard sale
  • clean kitchen sink at least once
  • lightly clean upstairs shower
  • grocery store
  • Costco (barbecue sauce)
  • Trader Joe’s (coffee; coffee candies)
  • blog (new blog): (musical covers; christianity and all religions as fandoms; how to communicate effectively from a place of respect; thoughts on Marvel Cinematic Universe; other pop culture/ music/ tv show reviews and discussions; “being a content writer means…”)
  • make professional social media accounts
  • help Hazel with housing search
  • make spreadsheet for housing search
  • reach out to J
  • finish web content by July 11 (really finish it tomorrow; just focus on that tomorrow)

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