The daily to-do, weekend edition: July 10 and 11

Got super overwhelmed this morning with all the things I want to do and need to do and would like to do crowding into my brain. I know that if it hadn’t been a weekend day, if Bear hadn’t been here with me, I would have gotten really depressed and things could have gotten bad. As it is, it is now past midnight on Saturday, the weekend is more than half over, and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten enough done…but I’m just going to focus on the things we have done. This list will probably not even be nearly complete: 

  • walk Cosmo x2
  • feed Cadenza x2
  • run/ work out at least once (shit, was so busy)
  • go to the grocery store
  • get gas for cans
  • mow lawn, do yardwork
  • ALL THE CLEANING (I’m just putting it here to keep it fresh in my mind; I know I won’t get to it tomorrow)
  • similarly: FEED STORE, Cosmo grooming?, Costco, Trader Joe’s (sooner, soon, later, later)
  • finish content assignment for NGO (sooo close)
  • HAVE FUN WITH BEAR — fail. we both worked too much. we watched some Shield, though

Honestly, tomorrow I just want to finish writing this content, walk Cosmo, run, feed Cadenza, and RELAX. That’s all. Everything else can suck it. (And yeah: we had planned to go to a community event this weekend, but it’s been a fucking shitty week and there’s just no way. We talked about it. We don’t care.)


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