The daily to-do: Tuesday July 12

I seriously need to think about priorities and scheduling today. Ever since I started working for this NGO, I have kind of been diving into the work every day with little thought about time management; as a result, I’ve been working long hours and not dedicating enough time to my other obligations. So, even though I have a new deadline for tomorrow, I’m going to prioritize a few non-work things.

Yesterday Bear got home super late (again). He took an Uber home and got here around 10pm. Then we tried to watch Shield, but we didn’t even finish one episode because he kept getting distracted by work things. Eventually I went up to bed and when he followed, he worked from bed until 2am. Needless to say, we were both super tired this morning, leading to oversleeping. But neither of us are sorry about that part. He was still able to catch the (last) train, so it’s all good. Used to be that the last train was his regular train….

Meanwhile, I did a fun run last night. I really should shake up my route more often. I just do not enjoy laps, even large laps that only need be repeated twice. Which reminds me: check up on the route and starting point for my city’s 5k on Saturday. And…other things on the list:

  • go to the feed store!!! (dewormer, fly spray, beet pulp, strategy gx, cleanburn pellets)
  • make professional social media accounts
  • do NGO work (can’t believe I forgot to list this when I first posted this. I have that deadline tomorrow!)
  • clean (meh!): kitchen, kitchen floor, sweep-dust-vacuum downstairs, tidy, upstairs shower)
  • maaaaaybe pull weeds >.>
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out (yesterday did a long run; maybe today do a workout with weights followed by a short run)

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