The daily to-do: Friday July 15

Friiiiiday! 😀

No matter what happens today, it is Friday. And tomorrow is Saturday. And yes, I’m running that 5k in the morning and then manning a booth at the picnic from 1-3, so that all does put a crimp in my Saturday, but it will be okay. Bear and I have pledged to do  NO WORK this weekend, which will be the total opposite of the past several weekends, in which we have basically worked constantly.

Anyway, today I am going to connect with some co-workers of this NGO, and figure out some work stuff, and I do admit I’m dreading that a bit. I kinda just want to forget about it today, since these guys are stressing me out. But I can find a good balance, I can, and part of what I hope to make clear to them today is that I am volunteering here, and they need to respect my limits. Gah. (Oh and I showed Bear all my communications with these people from the last few days, and he was pissed on my behalf and agrees that they have horrible communication and management skills).

Okay, other stuff on the list:

  • do some NGO work; have meetings with ppls
  • maybe do some cleaning, or some weeding, or some tansy-root chopping
  • blog, about all the things I’ve been collecting, and or about “perfection,” possibly about stupid people who call out to me from their cars when I’m running, and especially about this situation (and the ridiculous reporting of it)
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza AND Rusty!
  • run/ work out
  • enjoy the lovely day

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