The daily to-do: Monday July 18

Ugh, there is an abundance of annoyance today, but my plan is to just get through the next 45 minutes, then move on!

I had committed myself to work on some very vague and frustrating content today, and I have spent the past 5 or so hours doing that. I’ve completed that task, but now I have a meeting in about 12 minutes. I hope hope hope hope the meeting doesn’t leave me frustrated and annoyed, but it probably will. My plan is to just take it all as it comes, since it doesn’t really affect me, not really. This is allll volunteer. I will not over-commit (anymore). I will. not. over-commit.

After the meeting, I will get down to my own shit, and not worry about this other stuff. And so, the list:

  • do content writing work for ngo
  • attend meeting at 3:30 ugh so hard to extricate myself, and I have no idea what the point even was. I said I had to go then didn’t really receive a real release, but it continued to go nowhere, so I pasted in some “goodbye” chat text and just disconnected.
  • take out trash 
  • feed Cadenza
  • do a little yard work
  • take out yard waste
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out
  • maybe do some cleaning

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