The daily to-do: weekend edition (July 16-17)

Recap time!

It was a really nice weekend, overall. I could use another day or two, of course. Friday night  Bear and I took a long walk with Cosmo and hashed out all the work crap that was still crowding our brains. The movement and the talk really invigorated us, as it always does, and it allowed a smooth and peaceful transition to the weekend. We had a nice, unmemorable night, and then we woke up pretty early (still got to sleep in a tiny bit) on Saturday to prepare for our first 5k of the year. This one was suuuuper local (around the corner), so around 8:30 we walked to the starting location. Despite the fact that that I don’t think I was running particularly well, I did run pretty fast and I think I came in 5th or so overall, and I was either the 2nd or 3rd female of any age category (it was a very small pool of people running).  I don’t know the age of the woman who was first, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in my category, so I think I came in first in the women 30-39 age group. They haven’t posted times yet, but I think I came in under 25 minutes. And Bear ran the whole thing. Though we had planned for him to walk all/ most/ some of it, because he hasn’t been running for a looong time. He literally almost passed out at the end; he was practically incoherent for a minute there. I was not happy with him and gave him a stern talking to. He agreed with me that it was not a good idea.

Later that day, the two of us took Cosmo and returned to the park to sit at the LD Dems booth for two hours. It wasn’t too bad. Then we ordered PIZZA. Because we deserved it. We had a nice day and night, and yesterday we even played a GAME for like 4 hours. It was all good. Just wish we had more time.

As for the list…well…the weekend’s over, so I won’t bother. Did all the usual stuff, except took Sunday off running.


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