The daily to-do: Tuesday July 19

And first, a side-note. I usually don’t write about much outside the immediately personal on this page, since I have my public-facing blog for more structured posts, but I don’t feel like messing around with that today, and yet I have to say: plagiarism is a thing. A real, serious, thing. As a former college professor of writing and rhetoric, I will be the first to admit that the rules of plagiarism, what constitutes plagiarism, and even the concept of plagiarism itself can be a bit fuzzy: depending on medium, context, intention, and country, among other things, the line between plagiarism and not-plagiarism can be blurred. But THIS is not one of those cases. This is about as clear-cut a case of plagiarism as I have ever seen, and I’ve had a student plagiarize me. And the fact that those fucking Trdumps won’t even fucking admit it is SO OFFENSIVE, which is a redundant thing to complain about, considering all the heinous, disgusting, stinky things that have come out of Trump’s face-hole. Whether or not Melania plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech is NOT a question – there is no doubt, no politically-dependent interpretation of the data, no two ways of looking at the matter. There is only fact. The speech is plagiarized. (And as this author points out, regardless of the plagiarism, the similarity between Michelle’s sentiments and “Melania’s sentiments” should already be a point against the latter, considering how anti-Obama they are). But of course, as Trump’s (and many conservatives’, generally, if we’re being honest here *cough*climate change for one*cough*) modus operandi dictates, he blithely makes statements that are counter to fact (see: lies), and he just doesn’t care. As Matt Sienkiewicz, an assistant professor at Boston College, says in the USA Today article linked above, “The Trump campaign (is) putting something right in front of our faces and telling us it’s not there. To me the message is something along the lines of them believing they can simply shape reality in the image they want it to.”  This has been his strategy all along, and the most horrible part about it is that it is working. His fans don’t seem to care one whit what he says, as long as he says it loudly and stupidly.  So there we go. Another grain of sand in the miles of beach of Trump’s lies. (A beach of lies next to a Trump resort of lies. These are expensive lies, after all).

Meanwhile, today. I haven’t done any non-profit work, and I have been trying to not think of it. Just focusing on getting my own stuff done today, and so far it’s been really nice. The list:

  • feed cadenza
  • go to Costco
  • go to Trader Joe’s
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out
  • laundry
  • maaaybe clean

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