The daily to-do: Wednesday July 20

Aiyah I can’t believe it’s already the 20th of July. Where is this year going??? Other than “to hell,” I mean. *dark humor eyeroll*

This morning has been interesting so far. Got to sleep in a bit, because Bear was working from home today so that we could go to our 10:10 and 10:50 appointments to sign up for TSA Pre-√. Yeah. $85 and a few questions and I get to whizz through the security line…whatever. I’ll take it. Our plan was to have sushi afterwards, but the appointments took so little time that it was only 10:30 by the time we were both done, so instead we just came home. I then got into a conversation with the stupid person of the two people I’m working most closely with in this NGO. I cannot even begin to summarize here. I would, but it’s a long story and I already vented to Bear and to my Pocas, so I’m pretty much over it now. Suffice it to say, more of the same bullshit. If shit doesn’t get resolved soon and satisfactorily, I’m going to lay it all out before the founder/director, and perhaps quit if that doesn’t change things. Because these people are fucked, seriously. They have NO communication skills. If their communication skills were a game of baseball, everything would be a foul ball. Unfortunately, there is no referee, and I’m apparently the only one with the critical ability to see what’s going on, but no one sees that I’m the one who sees, and so they all just talk around each other and everything is shit and my particular input is not really considered.

So anyway, after discussion with her for awhile, and subsequent raging and venting, I have finally calmed down a bit. Things on the list:

  • go to TSA Pre-√ appointment
  • hang curtains
  • order more curtains
  • walk Cosmo
  • mayyybe clean
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • look through job opportunities, including expanded search for project/ product manager stuff
  • look through more volunteer positions

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