The daily to-do: Friday July 22

Honestly, I know I keep saying this, but the time is just flying by.

I’m all over the place. Today should be the day where I actually do the things I meant to do yesterday, but they’ve really piled up now, and they’re disparate things, and I don’t know how best to begin, and I really just want to hide away. I will enumerate them below, and maybe that will help me:

Well, I know I need to deal with that Tansy Ragwort. Really, I need to do it today. Because it needs to be done by the end of the weekend, but I don’t want to save it for the weekend, because I don’t want Bear to have to deal with it. So I really have to do it today. And today’s maybe not such a bad day, since it’s rainy/ overcast and perhaps I won’t have to worry about bees as much. Update: started doing this but they’re swarming with bees. Going to come back and try to finish much later tonight.

I need to/ want to reach out to Tracy’s babywearing group’s president to offer my services to them. I’m not sure how time-sensitive it all is, but I said I’d reach out asap and I really need to stand by that. So I really really should do that today. Think I’m going to do this on Monday, and I might start thinking about it over the weekend if Bear and I are “working” at all.

At some point today (but maybe when Bear is here, since he really deals with this stuff) I need to send that money to my mom that we agreed to put towards Sarah’s gift card. Do this tonight.

We need to go to our insurance website and check that link thing. I should just do this today on my own. Do this tonight.

I need to look into the PCO stuff and figure out my mailing list, and potentially reach out to people regarding the upcoming election. Possibly start this over the weekend, otherwise early next week. 

Along with Bear, we need to figure out more plans for our upcoming trip, and we need to reach out to Aunt B to figure out some family outing deets. This weekend/ maybe tonight.

It’s about time I register for those late-summer races. Do this at some point this week.

I need to reach out to Hazel, just to see how she’s doing since we haven’t communicated for awhile and that’s not good; I also should continue to help her with her housing search (better late then never??), and also maybe reach out to J like I said I might. Possibly text her this weekend, otherwise early next week.

I also want to look into those Indeed job postings I have open, and also perhaps expand my job search to include product manager/ project manager roles. Start this early next week.

I also MAYBE want to look into in-person, or at least more-formal, intern opportunities, including new stuff on Volunteer Match. Start this early next week.

I also really have been wanting to blog about a bunch of things, and even make a new blog. And also do that professional social media persona stuff. Yeah, yeah, when I get to it. Maybe later next week.

And I did sort of promise to do some other, random/ not-assigned stuff for the non-profit, after I “finished” with the website stuff, which I haven’t heard anything about since the “conversation” with P the other day. Pshaw, yep. Midweek next week, maybe.

Getting close to the end of the imminently important stuff, I think. I should cross-check with previous daily and weekly lists. But I know that there’s other yard work stuff that I’d really like to do, including mowing. This weekend we will do some of this.

Need to figure out if we’re going to Kacey’s goat thing. This weekend, figure out.

Still want to clean the upstairs shower and toilets. Probably next week sometime.

Probably about time to wash upstairs sheets and dust and vacuum upstairs. Next week sometime.

Still meaning to make a photo album for when Ray was here. At some point.

Still want to think about holding a yard sale. At some point.

Maybe bake some more bagels, trying to improve flavor more. At some point, sooner rather than later.

I need to go to the grocery store…at a minimum we need broccoli and tortillas. Tonight or tomorrow.

Would be good if I could make a new weekly to-do, since I’ve been slacking on that. Next Monday.

Still really want to do some clarinet-playing. At some point.

This weekend I really want to relax with Bear: enjoy our house, relax in our space (indoor and outdoor), walk and maybe run together, play a game, watch our shows, and work on our game mod!! (I want to put my efforts today towards making the weekend as smooth and relaxing as possible).

Aaaaaaaand, in addition to my normal daily stuff, which I will list below, I think that’s about it. Except for RELAX today. ha. yes. I want to do that too.

  • walk Cosmo did a short walk but I want to do another one later tonight with Bear
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out



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