The daily to-do: Thursday July 21 (recap)

Well, yesterday was the day that got away.

I had plans, you see. Real plans. But I got a phone call while I was eating breakfast from an old family friend, saying she was in town and wanting to see me today (yesterday). I didn’t really have a choice, since I didn’t really have anything planned (no appointments or deadlines, I mean, nothing that couldn’t be rearranged), so it was either rearrange my schedule and scramble to get ready, or seem to be a dick and tell her no (I can’t lie in those situations. I just can’t). So all that cleaning I’ve been putting off? I had to do it in a fucking hurry. And she was supposed to call me to give me a head’s-up when she was about an hour or so away, which I was counting on so I could finish whatever I was cleaning and go ahead and shower at that point, so I kept checking my phone for missed calls every 5 minutes, and I got my period yesterday morning right about at the time she called (it’s always unexpected for me, and the first day of my period is always THE WORST — like, call out of work sick kind of worst, if I had a job, which I don’t, and I can’t call out of home-visits sick because of my period. I should be able to, but that’s just not “done”), and I had a whole bunch of garlic and Brussels sprouts for breakfast, which (especially combined with menstruation) was really doing a number on my digestive system as I was running around sweating and cleaning, on my hands and knees scrubbing, etc. I was soooo stressed and unhappy. And to top it all off, she failed to call ahead to let me know she was on her way, so while I’m scouring the kitchen sink, I look up to see her car in the driveway. Me? Unshowered. Stinky and gross. Wearing the old clothes I had been cleaning in, with no bra. I let her in the house and went to spit (I was also in the middle of brushing my teeth: what? I multi-task), and said I had planned to change (and didn’t say also, to shower), but she prevented me from doing ANY of that, saying that she couldn’t stay long. So…I was out of sorts, but trying not to be. It was an odd visit. She stayed for maybe 2 hours max, and I was physically uncomfortable through all of it.

At least I got my house clean.

Here’s the recap of the list:

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • clean kitchen counters, sink
  • tidy up downstairs
  • dust downstairs
  • sweep and vacuum downstairs
  • clean downstairs bathroom
  • scrub kitchen floor, scrub downstairs bathroom floor




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