The daily to-do: weekend edition (July 23-24)

Been sorting some stuff out with Bear this morning. Some of it is done, some still left to do. I will record all below:

Update! Got my race results from last weekend’s (hilly) 5k: 23.04 was my time! That’s a pace of 7 minute and 25 seconds per mile. I’m pretty happy with that. 😀

  • deal with Tansy Ragwort
  • solidify more plans regarding upcoming trip
  • figure out car insurance thing
  • send that money to my dad
  • do more yardwork, including mowing
  • go to the grocery store
  • feed Cadenza (x1) (x2)
  • run/ work out (x1) (x2)
  • walk Cosmo (x1) (x2)
  • think about figure out the Goat thing, maybe

Any other stuff will be impromptu and/ or for fun. And that’s it!


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