The daily to-do: Monday July 25

Struggling to gain a foothold today. I don’t know why, actually. I feel like I’m constantly trying to redefine myself, and my relationship to the world, and I just can’t get it right some days. Anyway, I do have some fairly solid plans for the day, and the week, and the upcoming weeks, so I better just get to it.

  • email Trace’s babywearing person
  • look at job postings
  • think about other volunteer opportunities
  • I suppooooose I should reply to P. Yeah. Gotta just do that and I’ll feel better
  • plan for going out to the movies tonight. I should leave here around maybe 4pm, which is actually not all that far from now.
  • take trashes from the house to the can
  • take trash and recycling to the curb
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • walk Cosmo (maybe two smaller walks)

Yikes. Lots to do so far, and it seems I have already wasted the better part of the day! Well, if motivation is what I was lacking, I think I have it now.

New song of the day: “Before,” by Wye Oak (soooo good)


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