The daily to-do: Tuesday July 26

Somehow I feel accomplished and slightly at peace after yesterday…even though yesterday was not (meant to be) a stressful day. Rather, Bear left work a little early and took the train much less far than usual, and I met up with him at the station, and we went for sushi and a movie! 😀 (Captain America: Civil War because we have reached that place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means…shit we are almost caught up for real. Well, except for the part that we still have to watch Daredevil, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, and Antman. lololol). It was a pretty good movie. Not as good as Winter Soldier or the first Avengers, but I liked it.

Today I’m going to sort through some job postings, casually look through some volunteer opportunities, and I really need to put some attention toward the PCO stuff. Elections are coming up, and I have no idea really what I’m meant to be doing about it, but my PCO coordinator has been sending out emails, so I’m starting to feel pressured. And I should feel pressured. And besides, the LD meeting is tomorrow (again), and that PCO training that I might go to is on Thursday (:P). So I better be prepared. Other than all that…I should probably make a weekly to-do, just so I have a sense of what’s going on, but I mostly want to take it easy today. Hopefully it won’t be as hot.

Oh, before I get to the list, I wanted to put here as a future reminder that last night after getting home from the movie I had The Incident with the queen wasp thing in the bathroom. Sitting right next to me on the toilet paper roll as I peed. That I only noticed when I turned to get some tp. I dealt with it well, all things considered, and I’m sooo soo soo so so so glad it was me and not Bear, but still. I am scarred for life.

  • look into PCO stuff
  • look at job postings
  • look at volunteer opportunties
  • maybe make social media accounts
  • register for September races
  • maybe make weekly to-do
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out

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