The daily to-do: Wednesday July 27

Whoops, I totally failed today (yesterday). Didn’t make a to-do at all, and I really didn’t do much, either. I started to get my PCO stuff together, but damn there are a lot of documents!! Blah. Bear and I went to the legislative district meeting last night. I managed to do my daily chores. And that’s about it. Except…I had fun with a big dress. Since we’re going back “home” in a few weeks, and it’s really hot there, and I know there will be several occasions where we’re going to “go out,” I’ve been concerned that basically I have no “going out” clothes that fit. This got me rummaging through my closet, where I confirmed that I only have one dress that fits. Meanwhile, I have this dress from years ago, and it basically just gets it shape from belting at the waist. Except it’s way too big. So I treated it as a blank canvas and played around with several dress “concepts.”

Isn’t it funny?

1 big dress

First I just tried belting it, after pulling the sleeves up. I liked the result.

3 dress without sleeves

Then I tried pulling it tight in various areas, like the legs.

5 dress short standing no waist

And the waist.

6 dress short sitting no waist

All in all, it was fun and made me feel good about myself 🙂 Which, as we all know, is something I don’t feel too often, lately.  But I think I actually do need to go shopping.

To the list! (retroactive, that is)

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • do PCO stuff
  • go to LD meeting



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