The daily to-do: weekend edition (July 30 and 31)

Sunday afternoon already. Yesterday was soooo full, and I can’t even remember Friday. We were meant to go to a party today, but we got home at like 1am last night. After waking up at 7:30am after only a couple hours of sleep. And then driving 45 minutes away, running a 5k, driving back home, eating a bagel, getting ready to go out, driving to Seattle, walking walking walking walking walking around all day, driving to Fremont and walking, driving to Ballard and walking, and not eating until we finally sat down to eat at 9:30pm. Then waiting and waiting and waiting for food and service and food, finally eating at like 10, and sitting and waiting and sitting and sitting (and being annoyed, all day, by the company, but that’s another story), then fucking having to drive these baby-men back to Seattle and getting caught in RIDICULOUS traffic, RIDICULOUS LIKE I CANNOT EVEN, and finally getting home, to feed the dog and take him on a little walk, and sit and decompress for a little before finally bed. So yeah, not going to get up to drive over an hour (and who knows how much longer, since apparently this “I-5 is only one lane wheeee!” thing is ongoing), even though there were goats to play with. 15 goats. 😦 Oh well. Besides, too many other things going on, with our upcoming trip. >.<

Here’s my list for the weekend: 

  • walk Cosmo x1 x2
  • feed Cadenza x1 x2
  • run/ work out x1 x2
  • do the 5k and street fair
  • hang out in Seattle with L and S (and J, apparently)
  • think about trip itinerary
  • compose (if not send) intro to precinct
  • possibly laundry
  • think about and plan cleaning for the week
  • think about to-do for the week
  • chop up brussels sprouts
  • do more concrete vacation planning
  • maybe do a little yard work

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