The daily to-do: Tuesday August 2

Yesterday I didn’t manage to accomplish all the things on my list, but that’s okay because I front-loaded many of my tasks. There’s room for carry-over to the rest of the week. I wrote that long blog post yesterday, and though it wasn’t written or organized particularly well, it took a long time! It was good just go get those thoughts out “on paper” where I can draw upon them later for a more polished piece. Another thing I really want to blog about sooner rather than later (ugh I have such a long list) is the Republican platform. Because WTF. That needs more attention and outcry. Fucking extremist bullshit.

The other thing that took a long time yesterday was writing my PCO intro email. I have gotten some good response so far, including from the coordinator, who said it made her day. 😀 I have to remember to send her a reply. I’m glad it was well-received. I really wanted to strike just the right tone, and I think I did.

Anyway, today I have set aside for shopping and a hair cut, though I don’t feel like I’m ready for that. Maybe I’ll do some of my other stuff first, though I did want to get going here before it got into traffic-time. I already had a phone call with T from Tracy’s BWI group, and that went well. It seems like for what they want done, I will need to learn some website stuff, but with Bear here, I should be able to learn. That will be interesting. And now, the list: 

  • phone meeting with T from BWI
  • write up Cadenza care instructions and schedule; give to L and B
  • finish planning activities; buy ferry tickets (talk to Bear and find out if we want to do the ferry: I think we should)
  • finalize trip itinerary (sooo close to being done; just need to hear back from a few people)
  • figure out rental car situation (mostly done: just need to finalize plans and pull the trigger)
  • run dishwasher and wash dishes
  • clean kitchen
  • figure out what food needs to be eaten and what needs to be frozen 
  • plan out some meals to make sure we eat up what needs to be eaten
  • go shopping for dresses and shoes
  • get hair cut (thinking this will be moved to Wednesday)
  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out

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