The daily to-do: Wednesday Aug 3

Oh god we’re getting into crunch-time. I just woke up about an hour and a half ago from a super-long nap. Last night, the plan was for me to go shopping and for Bear to take a late bus to the area I was shopping in. The plan was that he’d be there around 9pm, and I’d be done with my shopping around then too, and we’d both just go home. Well, 9pm came and went and he hadn’t left yet, and wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon, so I just came home and had a late dinner by myself. I mostly stayed awake, until the very end when Bear was already in his Uber on the way home. He got home after 1am. Then he stayed awake awhile to decompress, and I got a second wind, I guess. When we finally went to bed around 3am, I was unable to fall asleep for a long time. I think the anxiety and the weird sleep patterns (and maybe the fact that I had a cup of tea around 11pm?) just got to me, and I think I finally fell asleep somewhere in the 4am hour. So this morning we “slept in” until 7:20, but I was like a zombie. When I got home from taking bear to the train, I fed Cosmo and then went back to bed. Was planning only to sleep an hour, but when my alarm went off I just turned it off and didn’t bother to reset it. Resultingly, I woke up around 11:20. Oh well.

Today is much affected by the weirdness of last night. In addition to the late start that I’m getting, there are several things I had been counting on going over with Bear last night that just didn’t get done. This is bringing my stress level to a new high: these things should have been addressed days ago, and now I’m concerned that we’re going to come to regret our lapse. Say, for example, when the rest of the family goes on the ferry ride and Bear and I, having not made up our minds about whether we wanted to go and subsequently failed to get tickets in time, will be left out with nothing else to do. Oh well. Oh well, oh well.

Can’t even remember or wrap my head around what else I have to do today. Finally did that shopping yesterday, and it was awesome. I got some great dresses and shoes. I look forward to planning my trip wardrobe! Meanwhile, the list will help me get it together today:

  • reply to A’s email (I’m so cool)
  • do weigh-in: 118.6 pounds (could be worse; haven’t done a weigh-in in MONTHS! glad I now have a point of reference)
  • clean kitchen
    • empty dishwasher
    • put away dry dishes
    • hand-wash remaining dishes
    • clean counters
  • make dinner: spinach zucchini thing
  • figure out a detailed cleaning schedule
    • Wednesday:
      • clean kitchen (list above)
      • tidy/ pick up and put away objects
      • gather up towels (and maybe place mats) to be laundered; wash them
      • (after running) wash running clothes
      • (after hair cut) wash goods
      • (after hair cut) wash jeans
    • Thursday:
      • dust downstairs
      • sweep/ vacuum downstairs
      • light scrub of kitchen floor
      • take trash and recycling outside
      • dust upstairs
      • vacuum upstairs
      • clean upstairs shower and toilets
      • launder sheets
      • final launder of outlying clothes (mainly stinkies)
      • launder dog bed, rugs, and rags
      • make bed
  • figure out Cosmo drop-off/ pick-up schedule and modify feeding directions in the online system
  • plan out packing and trip outfits (per day and occasion)
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • finish planning activities; buy ferry tickets (talk to Bear and find out if we want to do the ferry: I think we should)
  • go over car rental/ transportation plans with Bear and actually rent the car (make sure the rental agency will pick us up/ drop us off at the train station, or that it’s within walkable distance)
  • get hair cut >.< (also google for some style ideas) Update: made my appointment for 3pm
  • get dog food from pet store DO THIS BEFORE HAIR CUT
  • reply to Diane’s email
  • give feed and instructions to L and B TODAY



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