The daily to-do: Monday August 15

Today is Day One of the electrician being here. It is also the first day of “normal business” after our trip/ vacation. (If you can call the electrician being here “normal,”which I really cannot, except for the fact that “weird” is normal, I suppose.) So far, Cosmo is acting weird. Ugh.

Also, I didn’t feed him breakfast this morning, because it’s been getting super hot, so I took him out for a short walk early, and then he was uber hot and tired afterwards so I waited to feed him, but then the electrician came and since then he’s been weird so I am not going to feed him now.

Urg. Anyway, I’m kind of all over the place right now, since the electrician is walking around talking to the energy company and asking me questions. Also, my brain is not back from vacation yet. I’m meant to be beginning my work for Phoenix BWI this week, but I am not sure exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I need to just have a look at my notes again, and see what I can do, and maybe I need to go over some stuff with Bear too, since if I remember correctly, some of that work involved web development. I am also meant to be available for the other non-profit this week: I’m supposed to interview someone and write an article about them. I suppose if I don’t hear from them in the next few days, I should reach out to them. However, I should probably wait until later in the week, since I just found out from the electrician that the power will be out in my house basically all day Wednesday.

I could do a detailed summary of my trip here, but I’m not really going to. We did family stuff with Bear’s people for about 3.5 days total, and we did visiting with friends for about 3.5 days total, and it was really rushed and over-scheduled. We seriously had like no sleep, and most people we only had 45 minutes to a few hours with. And it was hot. And humid. Fucking hot and humid. It was a good time, though, and it was great to see people, but we were happy to get home to the much-better weather and to our house and to sleep. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just being lazy and it was AMAZING. Guess I’ll move on to the list. 

  • be here for the electrician, answer questions, make decisions, etc.
  • look into Phoenix BWI volunteer work tasks
    • email TaiLeah requesting log ins and content
    • possibly do some work (thinking, writing, planning) (waiting to hear from TL)
  • be open to EtoP work
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • take trashes out of house
  • take trash to the curb
  • think about yard work, possibly do some
    • maybe cut branches
    • maybe take care of additional tansy ragwort
    • maybe cut blackberry
    • maybe pull weeds
  • take yard waste bins out to the curb
  • think more about which trail run races to sign up for; possibly sign up for some
  • possibly clean, but probably not because of the electrician
  • look at job postings, possibly apply to some??
  • mayyyybe look into more volunteer opportunities
  • check in on PCO stuff
    • email Diane?
    • email new person and add her to the spreadsheet
    • brainstorm ideas and events
    • possibly write article for blog (blog about this and this . This and this are also useful).
    • orient myself regarding the election status
  • check in on social media
  • complete car registration online
  • go to the hardware store and buy 3 matching light fixtures for outside, as well as kitchen fixtures and other miscellaneous things
  • PCO training tonight? (can’t find anything online about it and I didn’t get an email)

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