The daily to-do: Tuesday August 16

Day 2 of the electrician. I am pleased with the progress so far. We have some lights working that have NEVER worked in the three years we’ve lived here. Last night we went to the hardware store and got a bunch of stuff that he’s going to use today to complete several mostly-finished jobs from yesterday. He’s doing a thing with an outlet and an electrical box, and whoops I just got interrupted with some sort-of bad news regarding the gauge of the wire on a particular circuit. Grr. Arg. Just had a conversation – we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, not a lot else is going on. I’m kind of definitely stuck here while he works, so I’m limited in what I can do. Yesterday I sent out some emails, but haven’t heard back from TL, so I can’t really work on the Phoenix BWI thing. And I haven’t heard from the E2P people, and I’m not ready to reach out to them yet, so nothing happening on that front. I looked into and found some interesting job listings yesterday, but I’m not sure I want to move on them yet. Something still holding me back: lack of confidence? Maybe. I wanted to go over the listings with Bear last night, but we were totally busy all night, and even ended up picking up fast food and eating at like 10:30pm. I don’t know why I don’t just apply to some of these jobs. I should just do it.

Finally, I want to be thinking about this PCO stuff. Yesterday I got a call from this local Dem organizer guy, and made tentative plans to do some canvassing this weekend. Even though we’re super busy lately and I know we’re not going to want to do it. But it IS important to get out the Democratic vote, and now is the time, and I will never not be busy…also, getting some face time with this guy is definitely something I want to do. I mentioned briefly to him some of my goals as PCO, and he said he has ideas to help me. I want to do more towards these goals, and maybe that will be my focus this week. I want to blog, and I want to tweet, and I want to maybe make a video, and I want to come up with some events and maybe set up some sort of local online forum. Dammit I should join Reddit probably. Anyway, my list: 

  • work on PCO stuff
    • blog (WA primaries and secular humanism)
    • possibly read articles and tweet them
    • think about events to host
    • think about creating an online forum
    • research PCO resources and ideas
    • maybe join Reddit (do they have a secular humanist forum? probs. also for PCOs)
  • be open to E2P contact
  • be open to BWI contact
  • be available for the electrician
  • look more at the job listings I’ve saved, and think about applying to them!
  • (not today, but I just remembered that something I want to focus on soon is making web content/ writing samples on my website, varying styles and content)
  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • possibly sign up for those trail runs
  • do car registration online
  • think about planning out the rest of this month and September (trips, outings, meets, meetings, events, etc.)
  • again go to the hardware store xP

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