The daily to-do: Monday August 22

Well, last week was mostly a wash. Pretty much at the beck and call of the electrician so that I could never settle, never get into a rhythm. I start again this week, then. Though it’s still not a normal week, since we’re going camping this weekend….

Anyway, don’t feel like summarizing everything, but it is good to have those electricity problems dealt with. On to the list: 

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run/ work out
  • take trashes out of house
  • take recycling and put it in recycle bin
  • bring trash can and recycle bin to the curb
  • start looking at BWI website (get help from Bear)
  • start thinking about and planning camping packing list
  • think about PCO things
  • gather my to-do thoughts for the upcoming days and weeks


Other things I have to do soon:

  • call tile roof guy to set up an appointment for him to locate the leak in our roof…
  • BEFORE doing that, put hinges on the attic access door
  • figure out situation with Bear’s credit card
  • return items to hardware stores
  • take lamp to the Glass Candle for grounding
  • farrier on Thursday
  • electrical inspector one of these days
  • still…look over those job listings with Bear
  • yard work this week (fill up bins as much as possible)
  • do car registration online
  • renew Cosmo’s license online (did Bear already do that? maybe)
  • register for September/ October races
  • plan a thing with Aly
  • plan a thing with W and I
  • figure out Labor Day weekend plans (in addition to race)
  • figure out anniversary and birthday plans
  • troubleshoot and fix old refrigerator, or buy new freezer
  • look into bringing small claim against seller of our house; ultimately prepare suit
  • renew Costco membership
  • go to feed store for horse feed; possibly get Cosmo’s nails clipped
  • order hay
  • have Bear do his expense reports
  • think about if we want to go to either of these cons (because I really want to go)

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