The daily to-do: Tuesday September 6

This year is really flying. Maybe I should be glad? 2016 hasn’t really been the best.

Anyway, rain rain rain rain rain rain rain and I’ve been doing a really poor job keeping up with my daily lists. I’ve been putting off and “forgetting” all but the most basic tasks. To try to get myself out of this rut, I’ve just started a few things, and it’s going well so far, but I really do need to list and sort out all the stuff I’m forgetting. Below: 

  • go to the grocery store
  • go to the pet store
  • go to Rite Aid
  • fix the toilet
  • clean the toilets
  • laundry:
    • goods
    • stinkies
    • smoky camping clothes
  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out
  • look at job postings and apply (though I hesitate to even write this, because doing so always makes me sabotage my efforts)
  • read/ watch tutorial about working on GoDaddy website
    • also look into content for bwi (again, I hesitate to even write it down)

Other things, in random order, just so that I have it all in one place:

  • call the roofer  (before he comes I need to do some stuff but don’t let that stop me from contacting him) (update: he will call me in a week or two to set up the estimate)
    • fix the attic access door (must borrow extra ladder from next door)
  • return items to Home Depot
  • order Wolferman’s (update: I tried but they weren’t applying my free shipping coupon, so I ragequit)
  • contact the glass candle (update: not too expensive, just bring it in. will take a day or two)
  • do car registration  renewal
  • register for these races 
  • troubleshoot and fix old refrigerator, or buy new freezer
  • look into bringing small claim against seller of our house; ultimately prepare suit
  • renew Costco membership nvm it’s an auto renewal Oct 1, but if Bear’s cc gets changed, we’re going to have to go in the system to adjust it
  • order HAY (update: delivery scheduled for 9/14 between 2 and 4pm)
  • have Bear do his expense reports
  • CONS: plan (4 upcoming: GeekGirl  (both days or just Saturday? talk to Bear) JetCityCC (not sure if we want to go: no information on the schedule until Oct. Might bee too close to the Vancouver trip and Con) FanExpoVancouver  (we are going and we bought all three days: need to plan trip) RustyCon (dunno. looks expensive, not sure if it’s worth it. but Robin Hobb!))
  • plan the fair day with Bear’s co-workers (buy tix?) (I think we should buy these tickets now, but waiting to hear who is coming, since we have to choose our seats)
  • figure out birthday and anniversary plans (I think: anniversary, go to Enumclaw for breakfast/ morning; for birthday, have a Bear-home-early “date,” and I dunno what else)
  • make calendar/ schedule for October and November
  • and of course: yard work
    • cut back blackberry
    • mow
    • hack/ whack/ pull weeds
    • cut up and dispose of branches
  • plan a thing with Aly? might be too late
  • plan a thing with W and I (the fair??)
  • purchase bulbs for our outdoor lights (probably)
  • check on my credit card balance; make a payment (nevermind, was up to date)
  • schedule service on the Subaru


Also, yesterday we went to PAX. It was actually pretty cool. I hadn’t been looking forward to it too much, since I haven’t been gaming so much this year. And being somewhat depressed, I couldn’t garner enough enthusiasm to even look at the panel schedule until we already got to the con. Eh, some looked okay but I didn’t feel like messing with it. As it was, we actually stayed longer than I thought we would, simply because there were more interesting booths than we expected. We also ate lunch with A and grabbed some coffee. It was a good, chill day and I’m really glad we went. Also, I’m excited about some of the games!


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