The daily to-do: Thursday September 8

Oh god I’m so bad at life lately. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do the smallest tasks.

I wish the days were longer. Always, by around 6 or 7, I start to feel motivated, but by then it’s time for me to move on to evening things, and then go to bed, and then it all starts over again and I’m back to procrastinating.

Going to make my list, I guess…but really I shouldn’t even bother. I should just start tackling the shit on this list

  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out
  • do things on that earlier list
  • stop wasting time on Reddit
  • make a newer, smaller version of the earlier list and put it here:
    • fix the attic access door (must borrow extra ladder from next door)
    • order Wolferman’s
    • take lamp to the glass candle
    • troubleshoot and fix old refrigerator, or buy new freezer
    • look into bringing small claim against seller of our house; ultimately prepare suit
    • if Bear’s cc gets changed, we’re going to have to change it at
    • have Bear do his expense reports
    • CONS: (4 upcoming: GeekGirl  (both days or just Saturday? talk to Bear) JetCityCC (not sure if we want to go: no information on the schedule until Oct. Might bee too close to the Vancouver trip and Con) FanExpoVancouver  (we are going and we bought all three days: need to plan trip) RustyCon (dunno. looks expensive, not sure if it’s worth it. but Robin Hobb!))
    • buy tix to fair (I think we should buy these tickets now, but waiting to hear who is coming, since we have to choose our seats)
    • finalize birthday and anniversary plans with Bear (I think: anniversary, go to Enumclaw for breakfast/ morning; for birthday, have a Bear-home-early “date,” and I dunno what else)
    • and of course: yard work
      • cut back blackberry
      • mow
      • hack/ whack/ pull weeds
      • cut up and dispose of branches
      • get rid of any extra tansy ragwort
    • plan a thing with Aly? might be too late
    • plan a thing with W and I (the fair??)
    • purchase bulbs for our outdoor lights (probably)
    • schedule service on the Subaru

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