The daily to-do: Monday September 12

Well, I would call this past weekend, anniversary weekend, a success. Aside from all-day and late-night Bear work, which happened several times from Thursday to Sunday, we managed to have lots of fun. Friday was awesome, starting with a $2 pancake breakfast, cattle drive, and parade, followed by the fair and the rodeo and a bit more fair, followed by an evening of games and pizza and rum and doggies. Honestly, I wish people would come out to our house more often. It was totally worth the frantic hour of early-morning cleaning. Saturday we had brunch in Enumclaw and walked around the little town, seeing the sites and browsing the shops and getting multiple coffees. It was really nice and relaxing and fun.

Meanwhile, I finally managed to sign up for that 10k and that half marathon, so the TRAINING has begun. I’m sort of using this as my guide, though tbh it’s not designed for me at all, and I have fewer weeks than this until my race. It’s just a sort of suggestion that I’m modifying, really. I just want to have some schedule/ plan to stick to, and an outside idea about rest and cross-training. Yesterday I ran 7.7 miles; I intend to run 8.5 or 9 next Sunday. I’m actually torn about running today. According to this schedule (and perhaps according to all good sense and advice), I’m supposed to rest on Mondays, buuuuut…I didn’t run on Saturday. Or Friday. I just did a respectable amount of walking and a lot of eating crappy fair food. I guess I really should rest, though…. Maybe I’ll do a video work out with weights. >.>

I would like to think I’m starting this week fresh, though I haven’t done a lot to back that up yet. I have done a few things, though. I will list them, and my to-dos, below. 

  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run/ work out with weights?????
  • do yard work:
    • mow
    • pull weeds
  • take yard waste out
  • take trash out
  • reply to the electrician; reschedule electrical work
  • buy GeekGirlCon tix; possibly reserve doggy boarding and a hotel
  • do BWI work
  • look at job postings; send resumes
  • look into PCO stuff:
    • read emails
    • write article(s)
    • make survey about getting involved
    • ?
  • go to Trader Joe’s


And the other list:

  • fix the attic access door (must borrow extra ladder from next door)
  • order Wolferman’s
  • take lamp to the glass candle
  • troubleshoot and fix old refrigerator, or buy new freezer
  • look into bringing small claim against seller of our house; ultimately prepare suit
  • if Bear’s cc gets changed, we’re going to have to change it at
  • have Bear do his expense reports
  • CONS: (4 upcoming: GeekGirl  (both days or just Saturday? talk to Bear) JetCityCC (not sure if we want to go: no information on the schedule until Oct. Might bee too close to the Vancouver trip and Con) FanExpoVancouver  (we are going and we bought all three days: need to plan trip) RustyCon (dunno. looks expensive, not sure if it’s worth it. but Robin Hobb!))
  • and of course: yard work
    • cut back blackberry
    • mow
    • hack/ whack/ pull weeds
    • cut up and dispose of branches
    • get rid of any extra tansy ragwort
  • plan a thing with Aly? might be too late
  • purchase bulbs for our outdoor lights (probably)
  • schedule service on the Subaru

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