The daily to-do: Tuesday September 13

Got some stuff done yesterday, so that was nice. Today started with a feeling of promise, but so far, Reddit is winning. I’m going to just copy my list from yesterday and delete the non-repeated items, since I did almost none of that shit yesterday. 

  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run 5 miles/ maybe also do a little bit of weights?
  • do yard work:
    • cut blackberry
    • mow pasture?
  • buy GeekGirlCon tix; possibly reserve doggy boarding and a hotel
  • do BWI work
  • look at job postings; send resumes
  • look into PCO stuff:
    • read emails
    • write article(s)
    • make survey about getting involved
    • ?

And the other list:

  • fix the attic access door (must borrow extra ladder from next door)
  • order Wolferman’s
  • take lamp to the glass candle
  • troubleshoot and fix old refrigerator, or buy new freezer
  • look into bringing small claim against seller of our house; ultimately prepare suit
  • if Bear’s cc gets changed, we’re going to have to change it at
  • have Bear do his expense reports
  • CONS: (4 upcoming: GeekGirl  (both days or just Saturday? talk to Bear) JetCityCC (not sure if we want to go: no information on the schedule until Oct. Might bee too close to the Vancouver trip and Con) FanExpoVancouver  (we are going and we bought all three days: need to plan trip) RustyCon (dunno. looks expensive, not sure if it’s worth it. but Robin Hobb!))
  • and of course: yard work
    • cut back blackberry
    • mow
    • hack/ whack/ pull weeds
    • cut up and dispose of branches
    • get rid of any extra tansy ragwort
  • plan a thing with Aly? might be too late
  • purchase bulbs for our outdoor lights (probably)
  • schedule service on the Subaru

Annnnd how about some link dumps, to clear up space on my browser?


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