The daily to-do: weekend edition October 1 & 2


Watched Zootopia last night; it was awesome! I loved, loved, loved it 😀

Making a weekend to-do because there are a lot of things rolling around in my brain, and I want to do them and keep track of them. Here’s the list: 


  • feed Cadenza/ feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo/ walk Cosmo
  • short run or HIIT or some sort of cross-training (Saturday) (because I failed to do this yesterday)
  • run 11 miles (Sunday)
  • do more BWIP work (need to update the schedule)
  • PCO stuff:
    • write blog posts (continue to write about the platforms)
    • possibly make a survey about level of involvement
    • figure stuff out about candidates; possibly hold or join a doorbelling endeavor
    • (I really really need to figure how to use this VoteBuilder system thingy)
  • job stuff:
    • continue to work on new resumes for those two jobs
    • apply to those two jobs ugh they might not even be available anymore
    • look at new Indeed stuff
    • reply to the Daily Source email
  • buy GeekGirlCon tix; possibly reserve doggy boarding and a hotel THIS WEEKEND
  • schedule service on the Subaru
  • yard work (weeding in the back and cut BLACKBERRY)
    • laundry
      • goods
      • stinkies
      • running
      • sheets
      • towels
    • clean kitchen, scrub kitchen floors
    • other stuff less important for now: toilets, shower

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