The daily to-do: Tuesday October 18

Ahh it’s been a long time. I have been somewhat busy, but eschewing the blogging, for one reason or another. I don’t even remember what was happening the last time I updated. Oh. Okay, I just went back to see when I last posted and I see maaany things have happened since then: the Trump tapes thing came out, Bear and I went to Geek Girl Con, and I ran my first half marathon! That was last Sunday, and I’m still recovering. Didn’t run yesterday, not sure if I should run today or not. I came in 17th place overall out of 92 starts! I was 6th in females, and 3rd in my AG. It was a trail run, and the hills and terrain were difficult and treacherous. I probably should have done a regular road race as my first half, but oh well! It was super fun. My time was 1:55:02 which is a pace of 8:46 per mile. I am actually super proud of myself. 😀

Meanwhile, I’m hosting a neighborhood canvassing event this weekend…not exactly looking forward to it, but it’s a duty. Gonna go ahead and make the list now, since a bunch of random things are floating in through my head. 

  • feed Cadenza
  • walk Cosmo
  • run???

Other stuff that I have on my brain, that may or may not happen today, in no particular order:

  • consider hosting a debate event tomorrow night
  • plan trip to Canada
  • research MMOs
  • discuss Thanksgiving with mom and Caleb
  • research chimney people
  • job search and apply
  • continue blogging on various topics
  • continue working on my game
  • plan promotion party for Bear
  • make PCO survey
  • plan Halloween costume; maybe go to Goodwill
  • consider going to Coordinated Campaign office to help with phone banking (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • doctor, dentist, optometrist
  • reply to Daily Source email 😛
  • make lentil soup >.<
  • do more BWIP work
  • go to Fred Meyer (frames, coat hanger, doormat, mirror thing)
  • write short story idea about executioner/ executionee

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