The daily to-do: Monday October 31st

Happy Halloween! More significantly, happy last-day-of-October! Everyone seems to agree: this year has flown by. Anyway, I have a lot to do today, and I just want to jot down the important things here so I can manage my time. 

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run
  • synthesize PocaPoll data and write up a summary
  • reply to Alisa
  • PCO:
    • make email and/ or blog discussing issues on the ballot
    • notify about in-person registration at the county register TODAY
    • notify about misprint on the ballot
  • take out trash and recycling
  • go meet CF person at 3:45


  • research chimney people
  • continue working on my game
  • plan promotion party for Bear (look at calendar)
  • doctor, dentist (ESPECIALLY FOR BEAR), optometrist
  • do more BWIP work
    • social media links
    • blog
    • updated volunteer bios
  • go to Fred Meyer (frames, coat rack, doormat, mirror thing)
  • fix attic access door
  • get Cosmo’s fecal done
  • order Wolferman’s
  • VOTE
  • plan and register for other races
  • consider donating to Modest Needs
  • consider subscribing to local newspaper(s)

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