The daily to-do: Tuesday November 1

Today is grey. Grey and wet and I feel weird. Both hungry and full, tired and restless. Generally speaking, I’m glad that, unlike yesterday, I don’t have anything pressing to attend to today, but I also feel like I should be attending to something. I feel bored and longing for input, but I don’t feel like doing anything. To try to force this feeling away, I’m again going to paste my weekly list and I am going to try to accomplish something on it just now. And if I can’t, then maybe at least looking at it will have an effect. Also, there’s the daily list to attend to…it’s these things that I’m particularly unmotivated for, but after having a look at my weekly list, I’m going to go on a long walk.

I dunno, maybe I’m just lonely today and want Bear here. Maybe nothing will feel right without Bear. But hey, it’s already close to  2pm which means I’ve squandered much of today which means I’m closer to the end of the day, and seeing Bear again, than it seems. Yay?

edit: I did a long walk with Cosmo, and we went by that Trump sign that bothers Bear so much. I had Cosmo pee on it. I took a photo of him peeing. I posted the photo on Facebook. Yes, I am proud of myself.

  • walk Cosmo
  • feed Cadenza
  • run
  • PCO:
    • make email and/ or blog discussing issues on the ballot
    • notify about in-person registration at the county register TODAY
    • notify about misprint on the ballot
  • apply to some more jobs


  • research chimney people
  • continue working on my game
  • plan promotion party for Bear (look at calendar)
  • doctor, dentist (ESPECIALLY FOR BEAR), optometrist
  • do more BWIP work
    • social media links
    • blog
    • updated volunteer bios
  • go to Fred Meyer (frames, coat rack, doormat, mirror thing)
  • fix attic access door
  • get Cosmo’s fecal done
  • order Wolferman’s
  • VOTE
  • plan and register for other races
  • consider donating to Modest Needs
  • consider subscribing to local newspaper(s)

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