Uhh daily to-do: Wednesday January 25

Ugh wordpress keeps deleting some of my text somehow. It’s like the autosave “saves” an earlier point in time. Text in my title keeps eroding >.>

*proceeds cautiously*

I know I haven’t been posting my to-dos lately, mainly because I found that the burden of doing so was beginning to outweigh the benefit. I think these things are cyclical for me. That being said, today is a to-do-list-on-the-computer day, because all the thoughts and opinions that I have been having, that I actually have been voicing elsewhere, are attempting to drown out the several important things I MUST get done today:

  • reorder hay
  • contact Amazon about treadmill delivery and assembly kerfuffle
  • email my precinct about tonight’s meeting (and maybe include some links to news)
  • put away christmas stuff
  • reply to that asshole on alex’s facebook page
  • catch up on news and post some important articles
  • feed cadenza, walk cosmo, and run and shower before I have to leave at 6:30ish




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