Uhh daily to-do: Wednesday January 25

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*proceeds cautiously*

I know I haven’t been posting my to-dos lately, mainly because I found that the burden of doing so was beginning to outweigh the benefit. I think these things are cyclical for me. That being said, today is a to-do-list-on-the-computer day, because all the thoughts and opinions that I have been having, that I actually have been voicing elsewhere, are attempting to drown out the several important things I MUST get done today: Continue reading “Uhh daily to-do: Wednesday January 25”


Long time!

This is not a to-do list. I have been surviving without them lately, and I’m okay. I do miss my daily writing, however. Somehow, since the election really, daily writing has come to seem like a chore. This is because writing leads to thinking, and thinking leads to me having to consider the real world, the horrible stuff that’s out there that I’ve really just been hiding from for months. I know I will have to face it all – and soon – but I keep saying to myself, “Not yet, not yet….” Not sure how long I can keep up this delusion that everything’s (mostly) all right, but I know it can’t be for much longer. And I feel like that will be soon enough to face everything.

Because really, what it’s come down to, is a battle between my indignation and my laziness. I know that my indignation will win in the end, but I’m letting my laziness have a head start. 😀

I have so many thoughts to share. The beginnings of ideas and arguments that I know I should hash out in writing, here to begin with, and maybe in my other writing spaces when I get more serious. I just keep stuffing them back into my brain whence they escaped. That being said, I am here to say something. Just a little spark of an idea that came to me as I was reading. Increasingly I have become are that my activism has to be pointedly secular; no, not just secular, but FOR secularization. Anti-religious. The way I see it, if we are really going to make progress in this country (and in this world), we need to move beyond religion and credulity. Increasingly, I am noticing the ties between all our problems and the embrace of religion, and I am increasingly driven to learn about how to combat credulity, which brings me to today. I was reading about the radicalization of one of the September 11 terrorists, which made me think about radicalization in general, and it blew my mind to think how common this radicalization is. You take a well-to-do, secularly-raised person, expose him to a radical cell, and way-more frequently than should happen, radicalization occurs. This DEFIES EXPLANATION. I have learned a bit about the Quran (The Scathing Atheist Podcast has dedicated a lot of time to reading and unpacking it for listeners), and I know how ridiculous the ideas presented within it really are. There is no logical reason that any rational person would adopt that religious worldview (obviously the rationale to do so has little to do with logic). This presents an important avenue through which to combat radicalization, in my opinion. Probe the issue where it is weakest! Adopting a religion, and especially a radical approach to that religion, makes literally no logical sense, and I honestly believe that there must therefore be plenty of ways to head off radicalization through discovering what drives people towards it, and helping them. I know I’m not being articulate here, but I’m just hashing this out. There is a small push already, of course, towards initiatives to prevent radicalization, and yet the prevailing methods (especially by the U.S.) to prevent radical terrorism involve bombs, invasions of privacy, and now (fuuuuuuuuuck) a proposed “list.”

This begs the question, “why?” I haven’t researched this at all, but I strongly suspect that one of the reasons we don’t pursue the education/ anti-radicalization path more vehemently is because doing so would expose more than just Islam: it would expose Christianity, and all religion, in fact. Because the line of inquiry that is needed to expose how ridiculous fundamentalist Islam can, and certainly should, also be applied to fundamentalist Christianity. (And honestly, the line between “fundamentalist” and non-fundamentalist religion is imaginary, so really, that line of inquiry poses a “threat” to all religious thinking). But people in this country do not want to see the close parallels between Christianity and Islam (fundamentalist and not). And to try to pursue this path would force people to recognize that similarity.

(To be PERFECTLY CLEAR, by the way, I do not have a problem with people simply for following or “believing in” a religion: I was raised as a devout Catholic, and the majority of my friends and family do ascribe to one religion or another. I would never wish to persecute anyone, or force anyone to undergo any sort of distinguishing treatment, for belonging to any religion. I simply think that religion, as an institution, needs to go extinct. For the improvement of all human societies as well as the preservation of the earth, we are more than ready to move into a post-religious world. But of course, this needs to happen through the personal choice of every person, not through any external forces. This is such an important distinction to make, and lazy people, or people with an agenda, will seek to blur this distinction. I have a feeling that staking out intellectual territory for this distinction will become one of my major activist battles. For example, the inclusion of certain anti-religious activists on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list is a MAJOR PROBLEM.)

More later. Must go now.


Since the Thing happened last Tuesday, I have gone through a huge host of emotions, none of them positive. While the processing will continue, I’m sure, for years, I’ve also been have many thoughts. A seemingly-unending stream of thoughts related to “How did this happen?,” “What can we do?,” “What is my role?,” and “What is it that people don’t get??” I’ve been talking to people, reading articles, listening to podcasts and NPR, and observing (and occasionally partaking in) Facebook arguments. All of these sources have posed important questions and points of reflection. Inevitably, there is much work to be done. I am going to try to address these things in writing. Whether I do it here, or on my Reflections blog, or on my official blog, I’m not sure yet. I foretell I will write a bit in each space. And while I relish the opportunity, I also am afraid. Because words and ideas have a tendency to whip me into a frenzy, but even as I articulate them, I feel a sense of powerlessless. I believe, whole-heartedly, that the articulation of ideas is the most powerful force in the world, and that it was the mishandling of words that has led us to this moment in history; and yet, there is the problem of finding an audience. I have heard so many well-articulated arguments, but if the right people aren’t listening, if the conditions for reception are not right, then those words are wasted. And I am afraid that my words, my effort, my fear and rage and disgust and outrage, are just another drop of sound in a vacuum.So I have held myself back so far, compiling a list in my head of topics to address, but staying silent. But I need to be brave, and I need to be smart. I need to find a way to amplify my ideas, or the ideas of other smart people. Meanwhile, I want to keep my list of topics, so they don’t continue to slip from my mind forever.

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The daily to-do: Tuesday November 1

Today is grey. Grey and wet and I feel weird. Both hungry and full, tired and restless. Generally speaking, I’m glad that, unlike yesterday, I don’t have anything pressing to attend to today, but I also feel like I should be attending to something. I feel bored and longing for input, but I don’t feel like doing anything. To try to force this feeling away, I’m again going to paste my weekly list and I am going to try to accomplish something on it just now. And if I can’t, then maybe at least looking at it will have an effect. Also, there’s the daily list to attend to…it’s these things that I’m particularly unmotivated for, but after having a look at my weekly list, I’m going to go on a long walk.

I dunno, maybe I’m just lonely today and want Bear here. Maybe nothing will feel right without Bear. But hey, it’s already close to  2pm which means I’ve squandered much of today which means I’m closer to the end of the day, and seeing Bear again, than it seems. Yay?

edit: I did a long walk with Cosmo, and we went by that Trump sign that bothers Bear so much. I had Cosmo pee on it. I took a photo of him peeing. I posted the photo on Facebook. Yes, I am proud of myself.

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The daily to-do: Wednesday October 26

WELL! I have been really bad at keeping up-to-date here, but I felt like posting this morning because I have been pretty productive. Yesterday I worked on resumes and applied to two jobs. I am pretty pleased with the state of my resume(s), and this has given me the confidence to apply to more jobs. I applied to like 7 more this morning. Perhaps nothing will come of them, but I have had such trouble taking even that step lately (maybe always). So, I’m feeling pretty good.

I am not feeling good about my body. I am sure that I have put on several pounds, and I’m scared to weigh myself. Probably I put on like 7 pounds, and I really hate the feeling. I’ve been bothered by this, but not enough to really do anything about it, for a few months now. It’s been a slow gain, peppered by periods of loss, but overall a steady gain. After I ran the half marathon 10 days ago, I was feeling pretty good, like that could be the point of turnaround, but I took several days off running for recovery, and I kind of “celebrated” my success a bit too much. Then a few days after I started running again, I took that really bad fall, which forced me to not run, or even walk much. And I haven’t been able to do weights because of my mystery wrist sprain. And yet I let myself binge on chocolate and candy over the weekend. I can really see the results. 😛 Well, I am committing to eating better now. I should probably weigh myself and hold myself accountable for weight loss, but I don’t think I can bear to see 125 pounds on the scale, so for now I will wait and hope to lose a bit first. I am feeling physically well, so today I will run, and maybe even use some weights.

Now I’m just going to make my list, since my head’s all over the place and I don’t even know what I’m meant to be doing.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Wednesday October 26”

The daily to-do: Tuesday October 18

Ahh it’s been a long time. I have been somewhat busy, but eschewing the blogging, for one reason or another. I don’t even remember what was happening the last time I updated. Oh. Okay, I just went back to see when I last posted and I see maaany things have happened since then: the Trump tapes thing came out, Bear and I went to Geek Girl Con, and I ran my first half marathon! That was last Sunday, and I’m still recovering. Didn’t run yesterday, not sure if I should run today or not. I came in 17th place overall out of 92 starts! I was 6th in females, and 3rd in my AG. It was a trail run, and the hills and terrain were difficult and treacherous. I probably should have done a regular road race as my first half, but oh well! It was super fun. My time was 1:55:02 which is a pace of 8:46 per mile. I am actually super proud of myself. 😀

Meanwhile, I’m hosting a neighborhood canvassing event this weekend…not exactly looking forward to it, but it’s a duty. Gonna go ahead and make the list now, since a bunch of random things are floating in through my head.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Tuesday October 18”