The daily to-do: Tuesday October 4

Today is International Wrongful Conviction Day. I find this article by Amanda Knox to be a useful resource. In other news, tonight is the Vice Presidential debate. I would like to finish my blog on the platforms sometime today, and send a link out with a reminder to my precinct to watch the debates, but probably that won’t happen.

This is the sort of post I make when I’ve had NPR on all day, as I have today. I like NPR, but sometimes I wish they would take more of a stand. They interviewed this woman this morning who was “undecided” about Trump, and waiting to hear more from him. Like, what more can you possibly learn that hasn’t already been revealed?? We have longstanding documentation that he is a racist, a misogynist, a narcissist, an incompetent businessman, a liar, a manipulator, a schemer, and a world-class idiot. Every time he opens his mouth he proves he doesn’t think. He has no fucking platform, no clear position on issues. He’s a joke, and serious people know he’s a joke. But then you have fucking NPR lending legitimacy to his campaign, and to the uninformed mouth-breathers who “like his attitude,” by not calling them out on their obvious lack of basic understanding. We get this from the cable news channels, who are afraid of (still) being labeled “leftist” (laughable), but I expect more from NPR. It’s not leftist liberal bias to point out facts. It’s called honest reporting. 

Fucking anyway.

Cosmo’s sitting here waiting for me to take him on his walk. It’s gloomy out, and probably going to rain at any moment. I’m just procrastinating today. I need to walk him and run, and I should have done it all already, so I can get back to working on my projects, but I’m having a hard time finding the enthusiasm to just start. Anyway. I’ve done a few random things already, and I feel like there’s one more errand-like thing I had to do today, but I can’t remember now what it was. >.<

Aw crap, now it is raining.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Tuesday October 4”


The daily to-do: weekend edition October 1 & 2


Watched Zootopia last night; it was awesome! I loved, loved, loved it 😀

Making a weekend to-do because there are a lot of things rolling around in my brain, and I want to do them and keep track of them. Here’s the list:  Continue reading “The daily to-do: weekend edition October 1 & 2”

The daily to-do: Friday September 30

Last day of September! Sunny out at the moment, but probably one of the last few days of real sun for many months…I should take advantage of this. Sunlight feels like possibility.

This morning was weird, because I took Bear to the train station as usual, but the train ended up being delayed and ultimately cancelled, and then the next train was delayed due to the confusion. We waited at the station for over an hour. Poor Bear. He has a lot he’s trying to get done today, and if we had gotten up 30 minutes earlier, none of that would have happened. As it was, he got to work much, much later than planned. 😦 And I had a late morning, followed by much procrastinating. I wanted to relax and play a game this morning, but instead I kept reading entry after entry of Courtney King-Dye’s blog. It’s been a few years since I’ve caught up with her, and a lot has changed (not the least of which is that she now has 2 kids)!

Ahaha I just got interrupted by a noise coming from the front of the house, and Cosmo growling. I got up to look out the front window, and instantly realized what was making the sound: through the window I could see long tail feathers and a bird butt hanging down. There was a bird perched above the window! I went into the kitchen and climbed onto the counter so I could look out the garden window, which looks out onto the doorway, and I saw it was a Northern Flicker, which is a big woodpecker that is extremely common around here. He saw me looking at him, and we eyed each other for a minute before he flew away. 😀

Anyway, as I was saying, weird morning, procrastination, and now sunny weather which reminds me that I need to get going. So many things I need and want to do. Yesterday I felt it too, but I didn’t end up doing anything beyond the necessities. I hope to remedy that today, somehow. It’s one of those things where there’s so much to do, and time to do some of it, that I can’t choose and end up doing nothing. Analysis paralysis? Something like that. Anyway, I should get to the list. This will be a list of things on my mind that I want to do soon or need to do today; I certainly won’t even try to accomplish it all today.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Friday September 30”

The daily to-do: Wednesday September 28

Urgh, I started writing this over an hour ago, but mysterious computer issues kept popping up. Pages kept reloading and not working, and I got locked out of my gmail…turns out the F5 key was “stuck,” resulting in everything constantly reloading. Pain in the ass!!

Anyway, things are okay this week. I haven’t been good about updating my to-do, but I finally got myself into gear a bit. I’m writing a list now because I need to transition my brain into the new task(s) I have to do. There are many, of course, but a particular few keep clamoring away in my brain, and it’s time for me to sort them. On the plus side, I’ve already done a bunch of BWIP stuff, and I actually cannot proceed further until I hear back from M or TL. Also on the plus side, I no longer have to worry about emailing or rereturning the phone call of the tile place, since the dude just randomly showed up to do his estimate this morning. Bear’s working from home today, so we slept in a bit; as we were lying awake and about to get up, we heard a noise. I got up and looked out the window, and see a van with a ladder in the driveway. Guy was already on our roof. Meh. But oh well, the estimate got done and I don’t have to play phone tag anymore.

Now, stuff that I really still need to focus on: PCO stuff. I have a meeting tonight and I don’t want to be “caught with my pants down,” as they say. Also I have some job-related stuff I want to be doing. And though I’m at a stand-still atm regarding the BWIP stuff, I do need to get back to it as soon as I can. Guess it’s time for the list.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Wednesday September 28”

The daily to-do: Thursday September 22

Boy, have I been slacking in life since I discovered Reddit a month ago. I have a srs problem. I understand it, too, but that hasn’t helped me break it. It’s the ultimate high for me, since I get social interaction, praise, and positive feedback on my ideas in an environment that doesn’t carry the social obligations that usually go hand-in-hand with those things. No one’s expecting me to leave my house, no one needs me to stop doing other things, no one’s even expecting me to show up! I just do and get gratification for that, or I can just sit here here and say nothing and no one will care either. Meanwhile, I’m sort of hiding out from my “real” blog, which has a more significant number of followers (who have expectations about the type of content I’ll post) and therefore pressure to post. I don’t feel pressure to post here, since I make no secret of the fact that it’s basically just a brain dump space, and I can be super boring or super annoying or whatever, because I have designated it as the acceptable receptacle for that stuff. But pretty much anywhere else, just the fact of my existence (twitter, facebook, and these are still just virtual spaces) creates a presence that becomes a noticeable void should I absent myself for any length of time.

Blah blah blah. Meanwhile, there are so many thoughts in my head. The pressure to organize them, categorize and filter and order and prioritize and research and present them, that pressure just prevents me from sharing them. And they get super bottled up, and I feel restless and anxious and depressed. Hence, again, Reddit. I can just blurt them out in small segments, in response to particular prompts, rather than having to know everything in advance and have prepared it all logically. I guess I much prefer a dialogue to a monologue, when you get right down to it. But I can’t let that rule me, I can’t. I have to sort out my shit and create some semblance of discipline. Lately I’m just adrift.

And my birthday is this weekend. I was okay with this, really, until today I realized I have procrastinated coming up with a birthday day plan, which means I’ll probably end up doing nothing. Which is kind of depressing even on a non-birthday. I dunno…I was kind of counting on this train ride thing working out, but the train thing isn’t happening on my birthday, so that’s out. I just came up with a few more ideas (basically either an escape room or a murder mystery dinner) but I don’t think we’ll be able to get together a group of people and organize it all in time. Also, most of those places were already basically sold out for this weekend. Still, I’ll run it by Bear. If he would ever be home. He came home super late Monday and Wednesday, and he was home on time Tuesday but he stayed up working into the wee hours. I miss my husband. When he’s gone so much, we both get preoccupied in our solo things so that even when we’re together, we’re more apart than not.

Meanwhile, I have that 10k trail run on Saturday morning. I hope it will feel sort of like a fun-birthday-weekend activity, rather than a why-the-fuck-did-I-think-this-was-a-good-birthday-weekend-idea activity. I did have my concerns which led me to putting off registering, but I’m glad I did it. I’m thinking of it this way: even if my other plans don’t work out, at least I’ll have done something noteworthy this weekend. (I just hope it doesn’t interfere with or prevent the making of social birthday plans). In other running news, I am basically on track with my half-marathon training schedule. I ran 9.5 miles on Sunday, took a break Monday, ran ~5 miles Tuesday, and yesterday I did ~25 minutes of HIIT with weights followed by a quick 1.2 mile run while holding/ lifting 3lb weights in each hand. I actually am a bit sore today. Ran 5 miles again today, and I’ll take tomorrow off. Also, of note!! I have begun dynamic stretching/ warm-ups before my runs, because Teh Internets Has INFORMATION. I know, I was totally amazed. (Like, I gave up stretching long ago out of laziness and the revelation that static stretching wasn’t really good, but primarily out of laziness, and since then I have just tried to walk some before running. I know. Horrible.) I decided to stop pretending that not-stretching was an acceptable thing, and start remembering that finding out what most runners do to warm up would be SUPER EASY TO FIND OUT since the internet is a thing. One quick google search later, and I had an abundance of answers. I have to say, I think it’s helping.

Anyway, I guess I should get to the list. The huge list wasn’t working out for me lately, so I’m just going to list some basic things under the cut, and hope I do them. If I magically happen to accomplish some other things too, I’ll add them in (in triumph) later.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Thursday September 22”

The daily to-do: Thursday September 15

Here we are again. Hello. It’s Thursday now…been ready for Friday since monday xD  Anyway, I got nothing. I did my run yesterday in the morning, and I did 4 miles this morning, so I feel good having gotten that out of the way. Plan is to do approximately 5 miles tomorrow (maybe a little more), then do some easy weights/ HIIT stuff on Saturday (just like 25 minutes), then do 9 miles on Sunday.

There are other things I should be thinking of…I will add them to the weekly list below.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Thursday September 15”