The daily to-do: Friday September 30

Last day of September! Sunny out at the moment, but probably one of the last few days of real sun for many months…I should take advantage of this. Sunlight feels like possibility.

This morning was weird, because I took Bear to the train station as usual, but the train ended up being delayed and ultimately cancelled, and then the next train was delayed due to the confusion. We waited at the station for over an hour. Poor Bear. He has a lot he’s trying to get done today, and if we had gotten up 30 minutes earlier, none of that would have happened. As it was, he got to work much, much later than planned. 😦 And I had a late morning, followed by much procrastinating. I wanted to relax and play a game this morning, but instead I kept reading entry after entry of Courtney King-Dye’s blog. It’s been a few years since I’ve caught up with her, and a lot has changed (not the least of which is that she now has 2 kids)!

Ahaha I just got interrupted by a noise coming from the front of the house, and Cosmo growling. I got up to look out the front window, and instantly realized what was making the sound: through the window I could see long tail feathers and a bird butt hanging down. There was a bird perched above the window! I went into the kitchen and climbed onto the counter so I could look out the garden window, which looks out onto the doorway, and I saw it was a Northern Flicker, which is a big woodpecker that is extremely common around here. He saw me looking at him, and we eyed each other for a minute before he flew away. 😀

Anyway, as I was saying, weird morning, procrastination, and now sunny weather which reminds me that I need to get going. So many things I need and want to do. Yesterday I felt it too, but I didn’t end up doing anything beyond the necessities. I hope to remedy that today, somehow. It’s one of those things where there’s so much to do, and time to do some of it, that I can’t choose and end up doing nothing. Analysis paralysis? Something like that. Anyway, I should get to the list. This will be a list of things on my mind that I want to do soon or need to do today; I certainly won’t even try to accomplish it all today.  Continue reading “The daily to-do: Friday September 30”


The daily to-do: Thursday June 16

Today is cleaning day. Not fun, but I do enjoy the sorta single-minded purpose of cleaning days. Don’t worry about having to think or organize thoughts; just shut up and scrub! Of course, it’s not ALL I have to do today…I have to do my regular chores, too. I wish I could just overlook them this one day….

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