Volunteer Editor positions: the list

I will start out by just listing the top opportunities. I might relist them in several ways below, but for now this is in no particular order:

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The daily to-do: Friday June 10

Damn, it has been a long week. Is it because it’s the first full week since we got back from vacation? ┬áMore likely it’s because I’ve been rigidly on-task all week. I’m rebelling a bit today: NO COSMO WALK, until after breakfast, at least. I have been liking the early morning walk (getting it over with; doing the long walk before it’s too hot for Cosmo’s little dog body, which is poorly designed to handle heat; gaining a sense of accomplishment early in the day, which acts as inspiration for further accomplishment), but this morning I woke up and was instantly struck with an impertinent case of the “DON’T WANNA”s. I don’t wanna get up! I don’t wanna walk the dog! I don’t wanna run! I don’t wanna vacuum! I don’t wanna do annnything, I just wanna sit here and be at peace.

That being said, it IS Friday. I can do this.

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